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Your student teams should spend time looking at the school's history and major events that would provide information and guidance about the theme the students might like to include in their design of the entranceway.
The entranceway was enveloped with billowing silk, hurricane lanterns, and floral arrangements fashioned in majestic hand-carved candlesticks by Dr.
Renamed in honor of its benefactor and former client, Long Island resident Louis Anzalone, the Louis Anzalone Braille Center has been modernized into a state-of-the art center for the production of braille and large-print textbooks for elementary and high school students, with a redesigned entranceway, enhanced lobby, and upgraded production equipment and software.
That hill is the entranceway to Simi Valley, and it's nice to have a happy face there,'' said Klamerus, who expressed hope he will be able to continue maintaining the hill after the town homes are built.
Besides plenty of on-site parking holding as many as 500 vehicles, a Bay Street entranceway in the building's marshaling and unloading area allows for a transport truck to be driven onto the event floor.
the entranceway to their island, their setting, their home;
The statues originally were installed in an entranceway inside the 4th Infantry Div.
The photo on page 159 shows firewood stacked in the entranceway to the house.
Out front, he added Spanish-style the roofing, fresh paint and a flagstone entranceway.
The larger confines encompass more office space, a new meeting room, greater stock keeping area, a new entranceway, and a larger demonstration area where customers are invited to observe their products being cut on Urschel equipment.
If we redid the entranceway or the bathrooms then we would have to make architectural modifications that comply with ADA laws and the American Accessibility Act.
There's no better display area than the main entranceway of the MTMC Operations Center.
Despite heavy smoke and flames outside the front entranceway, they ran inside and evacuated 25 people and used fire extinguishers to put out the blaze.
Check out what can be achieved on their specially-made banners and boards at the entranceway.
unveiled an automated entranceway system Wednesday that opens and closes by means of mobile phones or personal handy-phone systems (PHS).