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The museum shop turns over more than pounds 2mannually, more than compensating for the loss of entrance money.
Mr Crabb said people would get a good show for their entrance money as there would be pounds 2,500 worth of fireworks on display.
Joan Bull, Steve's mum and an Albion fan since she was eight, took the entrance money and ferried the turns back home after their stint in the spotlight.
The stories McNabb shared with the crowd between songs, particularly one about meeting Neil Young and his dad, were worth the entrance money alone.
I bid my friends good night and gave the entrance money to someone who was starving outside.
50 entrance money and 50p raffle tickets to tot up to the thousands.
Sunderland boss Peter Reid admitted the tussle between the 23-year-old former Everton player and the Frenchman was worth the entrance money alone, and one particular cunching 50-50 clash was a throwback to the days when men were allowed to be men on a football pitch.
It will be the first time the club has opened on a Sunday and all entrance money will be donated to the Evening Telegraph/Mercia FM Snowball appeal.
They paid out pounds 150 for the dancers, the entrance money and their drinks just like that.
They paid out pounds 150 for the dances, the entrance money and their drinks, just like that.
As far as I am concerned, I pay entrance money to see horses up close.
Mourinho admitted he was not impressed with his side's first-half display, although Cole was one of the exceptions as his titanic tussle with Ronaldo was worth the entrance money on its own.
A fan who has paid his entrance money has the right to criticise," accepted Brentford boss Martin Allen.
Do they really think it's fair to ask a man and wife travelling from Glasgow, Edinburgh or beyond to fork out pounds 100 on transport and entrance money - before they even strike a bet or enjoy a snack and drink.
The football that brought us Dan Bennett's chance at Rushden, when he carried the ball from the back and we passed it all the way into their penalty area, was alone worth the entrance money.