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Even when Tottenham lose, it is worth the entrance money just to see him out on the turf.
Federer was clearly in a hurry to get the job done and pulled out all the stops in the third set, one crosscourt forehand played from almost in the first row of seats worth the entrance money alone.
As I got older I used to work on the gates at the Gardens on Sundays taking entrance money and selling bunches daffodils.
It's worth the entrance money alone, fellas, for a glimpse of her amazing dancers.
You sign up, pay your annual entrance money and then receive a choice volume each quarter.
The money has been raised at the Walkabout bar, on North Road, from entrance money taken on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
IAN PEARCE: Goal alone was worth the entrance money
Robert's 24th-minute opener - a stinging 35-yard free-kick - was worth the entrance money alone, and a trademark Shearer header five minutes later looked to have secured the points with more than an hour still to play.
And those who come, gold or grey, straight or gay, wise or otherwise, as the years have made or unmade them, paying their entrance money, are entitled to expect to find something to pleasure them between the covers of this bedchamber vade-mecum.
And it's a pity, for PS15 paid in entrance money goes directly to the racecourse and hopefully is recycled into improving facilities or prize-money, whereas the same PS15 as a bet will eventually filter through the system but will be worth probably less than a pound by the time racing receives it.
This was football at its worst and every supporter should be given their entrance money back.
It costs pounds 1 per person, with all entrance money donated to Kidney Research UK.
Ann Widdecombe dancing with Craig Revel-Horwood surely must be worth the entrance money alone?
If you follow a poorer club then you will be able to turn up and annoy everyone around you with your silly trumpet - so long as you have paid your entrance money.
It's not as though they are saving on the entrance money (EUR8 on Sunday - Epsom, Newmarket et al please note