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Air and gases are drawn down to the bottom of the manhole structure and entrained into the sewage flow as a result of a vigorous mixing action.
RSL: "The trick seems to be that in their natural condition, many of these molecules are actually entrained into biological surfaces.
With very warm air entrained into the system, local heavy rainfall is likely to continue as the system pushes across England.
In addition to accurately measuring liquid, it can be used in applications with entrained air, non-Newtonian fluids, viscous and abrasive fluids, slurries and gases, www.
To test this process from the point of view of its operations and its expected performance in terms of conversion efficiency, it is planned to build a small reactor type pilot Entrained flow scaled to transform between 10 and 50 kg / h organic material (sawdust) into bio-oil.
Similar to entrained air, they provide stress relief zones for the expansion of freezing water within concrete, imparting long-term durability.
The report " Gasification Market by Gasifier T ype (Moving/Fixed B ed, Fluidized B ed, Entrained & O thers), by Feedstock (Biomass/Waste, Coal, Natural G as & Petroleum), by Application (Chemicals, Liquid Fuels, Power & Gas Fuels) and Geography - Global Trends and Forecasts (2014 - 2019) " , defines and segments the global Gasification Market with an analysis and a forecast of the volume.
Additionally, during application, air may become entrained in the formulation causing defects and decreased performance of the finished product.
Available in a wide range of wetted materials the M Pumps range is designed to handle liquids containing up to 20 percent entrained gas, as well as thin, non-lubricating liquids, or for pumping small Hows at high differential pressures.
As a result the air flows upward over the patient and gets entrained back into the supply air stream.
The accuracy of the blending process on the mixer line is critically important to the quality of the final products, but after the new mixing line was started, Unilever discovered that the original coriolis flowmeters (which were not Emerson products) were unable to measure feedstock flow because of entrained gas in the silicone.
A new dust recovery hood for vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers features a proprietary design that allows on-spec particles entrained in the airstream to be captured and gently returned into the process for recovery as finished product.
Undersized fine particles entrained in the airstream that need not be recovered for recycling may be collected using a dust collector.
It uses a three-phase gravity separator, induced gas flotation and nutshell filtration to separate water from oil and to reduce entrained solids.
A unique entertainment experience in a new literary format, "The Ephemeris" is the first book/CD 'bundle' produced in a format called 'D*REAM, an acronym that stands for 'Dramatic Writings and Reading Entrained and Articulated by Music'.