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Synonyms for entr'acte

the interlude between two acts of a play

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a brief show (music or dance etc) inserted between the sections of a longer performance

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On Saturday, January 26, the fivepiece chamber ensemble Entr'acte will be performing Charlie's new work at Chapter, Cardiff.
If, as Ralph Ellison remarked in 1953, the "whole of American life [is] a drama acted out upon the body of a Negro" (28), the Harlem Renaissance might be seen as a diverting entr'acte, an anomalous and inevitably short-lived moment when the "New Negroes" took center stage, though in a drama not of their own making.
The results are uniformly impressive, so much so that I was inspired to "replicate" his research, with a game of Exquisite Corpse based on Entr'acte.
Perhaps the most clever Dada film is Rene Clair's Entr'acte (1924): created to be shown between acts of a ballet (hence the title), the short film's central focus is a funeral procession gone absurdly awry.
The theme that comes at measure 90 of the Prelude, known as L'Innocent's theme, was issued in a variety of arrangements with the words of the Ave Maria attached, while the Entr'acte no.
Since the Chan Centre performing space is a concert hall, scene changes were in full view of the audience, the "chorus" choreographed to move seamlessly with the entr'acte music in dim lighting.
Having enjoyed the resulting brouhaha from the relative calm of a nearby bar with Picabia and Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp himself (who appeared in Rene Clair's Entr'acte, the cinematic component of the crucially multimedia revolt that bisected the theatrical goings-on) attended Sturtevant's 1967 performance by approaching and then strolling away from the poster pasted on the venue's door (sturtevant's relAche) while keeping his taxi waiting.
41) The Entr'acte, 5 Dec 1885, 6a, quoted in http://footlightnotes.
However, his charming melodies won the day in Rosamunde's well-loved Entr'acte, the balance improving throughout.
The orchestra provides an overture and an entr'acte, and fiddlers Katie O'Connor and Marie Louise Bowe step forward for a battle of the bows during the first half.
More interesting for me was the shorter Entr'acte to Khovanshchina, which is direct, to the point, and incisive.
In fact the work suffered not just from an empty auditorium but from girlish giggling and chatter, presumably from those there more for the entr'acte performance of Departures, a short interlude by Brecon High School students developed in workshops with the Carlsons.
Earlier in the evening, conductor John Mauceri will lead the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra through suites from ``Ragtime,'' The Lion King,'' ``Cabaret'' and ``Chicago,'' plus the Entr'acte from ``The Sound of Music.
1); newly discovered screen tests of the final and near-final cast, including Leslie Nielson, Cesare Danova and Haya Harareet; the addition of the seldom-heard Overture and Entr'acte music; the behind-the-scenes documentary, "Ben-Hur: The Making of an Epic"; the original theatrical trailer and an on-the-set photo gallery featuring Wyler, producer Sam Zimbalist, cameraman Robert Surtees and others.
and I've Got a Secret, is far closer in spirit to Rene Clair's 1924 dada short Entr'acte.