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Synonyms for entr'acte

the interlude between two acts of a play

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a brief show (music or dance etc) inserted between the sections of a longer performance

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In contrast, Handel incorporated entr'acte dances for comic characters into his opera Oreste, in order to build tension through changes of musical atmosphere (pp.
41) When in 1732 a benefit was mounted at Covent Garden for the dancer Mr Nivelon, with a performance of John Kelly's Married Philosopher, the bill was filled with entr'actes of various dances and entertainments, including 'a Grand Dance of Momus, concluding with the Black Joke, between Mr.
Besides ballad operas and virtuoso variations for musical performance, another use of both the 'Black Joke' and the 'White Joke' was for dances performed during the entr'acte, or between one-act entertainments, in the theatre.
70) Once the curtain was down, audiences seemed to be more interested in each other than the incidental music for the play: 'the average playgoer absolutely refuses to listen to either overture or entr'actes, being occupied in finding his seat or in exchanging commonplaces in a loud voice with his neighbours [.
The Theatre maintained that once the band was removed from sight 'economy diminishes the strength of the music, the performers are indifferent or careless, and it appears too much trouble to play any entr'acte music at all'.
Nick shared his box at the theatre with Gabriel Nash, who talked during the entr'actes not in the least about the performance or the performer, but about the possible greatness of the art of the portraitist--its reach, its range, its fascination, the magnificent examples it had left us in the past: windows open into history,into psychology, things that were among the most precious possessions of the human race.
Similarly, another of the musical entr'actes seemingly negates the air of elegance in the tango/dinner scene, as Vulnavia is shown indifferently stacking chairs and sweeping up while the clockwork piano player croons "One For My Baby.
Actor/dancer Colin Gee on his unicycle provided refreshing entr'actes.
A more puzzling question arises with the entr'actes, not just here, but in many operas of the period.
He dwells on the formal aspects of the work, which is self-consciously literary, even theatrical in its division into prologue, acts, scenes and entr'actes, and hyper-aware of its uncertainties and necessary fictitiousness.
Originally conceived for the LA Olympics and never completed, Act V, like the entr'actes by David Byrne and Wilson which became The Knee Plays, has taken on a life of its own, and easily stands as a complete work.
Entr'actes from Carver and the very endearing Sheridan's 1992 theater piece But, How Many Can You Fit in a Volkswagen?
Not only do we see him at work in the prelude and entr'actes, but the camera cuts away to him at other moments, too.
And even then, the final version may well have differed considerably from what the players were actually playing, just as they must have spontaneously "ad-libbed" the instrumental entr'actes in various ways.