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Synonyms for entr'acte

the interlude between two acts of a play

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a brief show (music or dance etc) inserted between the sections of a longer performance

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In contrast, Handel incorporated entr'acte dances for comic characters into his opera Oreste, in order to build tension through changes of musical atmosphere (pp.
41) When in 1732 a benefit was mounted at Covent Garden for the dancer Mr Nivelon, with a performance of John Kelly's Married Philosopher, the bill was filled with entr'actes of various dances and entertainments, including 'a Grand Dance of Momus, concluding with the Black Joke, between Mr.
They are entr'actes, outside of the world of the production for a moment, a piece of history in a different style and context.
The section on opera buffa offers a chapter on Goldoni's L'isola disabitata, read contextually against works by Genovesi and Baretti and without forgetting the importance of entr'actes dances, which she defines as "colonial moments" (126).
One imagines cut or unwritten entr'actes on further tangents--I thought myself of police and state censorship boards, since legislation and bureaucratic documents are yet another explicitly nationalist print culture imposed upon film in exactly these years.
The lucid mixture of nonfiction essay and memoir in these entr'actes (the French term by which Doty calls them) recalls his 2001 memoir-essay Still Life with Oysters and Lemon.
Undoubted stars of the evening were conductor Micha Klauza and the WNO Orchestra, who revealed all the transparency and detail of Bizet's score, especially in the very snappy Prelude and beautifully piayed Entr'actes.
La haute culture a fini par s'approprier l'expression populaire; en effet, une fois introduit le theatre portugais dans le Minas, c'etait l'habitude de faire jouer dans les entr'actes des tragedies, drames, farces ou comedies, des spectacles comiques plus courts avec danse et musique, auxquels on donnait le nom de entremezes.
As well as playing overtures and entr'actes, the orchestra underscored moments of high emotion or tension in plays, both serious and comic.
Audiovisions: Cinema and Television as Entr'actes in History, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press.
La obra, titulada Equivoque, formaba parte del volumen Actes et entr'actes, Paris, 1910, S.
Similarly, another of the musical entr'actes seemingly negates the air of elegance in the tango/dinner scene, as Vulnavia is shown indifferently stacking chairs and sweeping up while the clockwork piano player croons "One For My Baby.
Actor/dancer Colin Gee on his unicycle provided refreshing entr'actes.
Thurmond was associated with Scaramouch, a role which he performed in the entr'actes early in his career and later in pantomimes, including Mars and Venus; or, The Mouse Trap (Rich's burlesque of The Loves of Mars and Venus) at Lincoln's Inn Fields, as well as his own The Dumb Farce at Drury Lane.