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Synonyms for entr'acte

the interlude between two acts of a play

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a brief show (music or dance etc) inserted between the sections of a longer performance

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This sort of entr'acte of existence between the material and the spiritual world is the alternative dimension where both the city and the artist as the politosgenetic object emerges.
Both Burrhus and Narcisse go to see Neron in the entr'acte to
Stanford's rapid associational shifts, also honor the style of Clair's early avant-garde films inflected with surrealism and Dadaism, such as Entr'acte (1924).
At the same time, Chappell Music released a vocal score that gave no guidance of how the show should be performed in the theatre--no dance routines, no incidentals, entr'acte or exit music indicated.
Immediately after this climactic scene, there is a caesura in the action, which functions as a kind of entr'acte between the two mirror-like halves of Vertigo.
He finds instantaneous impulses unleashed through the imagery of Francis Picabia and Rene Clair's film Entr'acte ("Intermission," 1924), a blurring of distinctions between dream and waking states in May Ray's Emak Bakia ("Leave Me Alone," 1926), a surreal supersession of dream and reality in Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel's Un chien andalou ("An Andalusian Dog," 1929), and heterogeneous combinations of the sacred and the profane in Bunuel's ethnographic documentary, Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan ("Land Without Bread," 1933).
We had a sort of entr'acte at this point because Mrs Diner said she liked salt baked beetroot, which we'd seen on the menu, and I wanted to know what a "lobdog" was, so they brought us starter portions of both.
Instrumental numbers (overture, entr'acte, curtain calls, exit music)
Besides ballad operas and virtuoso variations for musical performance, another use of both the 'Black Joke' and the 'White Joke' was for dances performed during the entr'acte, or between one-act entertainments, in the theatre.
Actions, Manners, and Passions': entr'acte dancing on the London stage 1700-1737.
In this research, we studied the behavior of 2400 individual in blight and useful insects at the method of Olfactometery, and check the reaction of every man opposite of plant's and animal's smells, for better understanding the cause of different behavior in individual, testing, use of modern molecular methods of chromatography gas and mass spectrometry, the effective chemical compound between animals and host plants are detected, entr'acte and recognition.
Philips's songs further complicate political readings of the play by evoking dramatic irony, by suggesting motivation that is not explicit in the play proper, and by adding characters to the entr'acte scenes.
The texts record fleeting glimpses of Rice's blackface acts as they transitioned from entr'acte songs to full-length plays.
Thanks to Piqueras, films like Entr'acte by Rene Clair, La chienne by Renoir and Eisenstein's October were first shown in Spain.
A more appropriate description would be the entr'acte between the fall of the Todor Zhivkov regime and the march towards market forces that really began with the election of Kostov's government in 1997.