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sometimes considered a subphylum of Bryozoa

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In contrast, neither entoproct transcriptome produced clear TLR homologs, and the nemertean Malacobdella grossa produced only one questionable hit.
Decapod crustaceans, entoprocts, polychaetes and gastropods all have high proportions of native species (over 70%, see Table 4).
Results of the study, by an international research team, suggest that entoprocts appeared earlier than previously thought.
Entoprocts are small organisms that feed by straining food particles from water.
One might argue that a ciliated foot with associated mucous cells and glands might have evolved convergently in molluscs and entoprocts to serve similar functional locomotive needs.
Although a monophyletic mollusc-entoproct clade is not commonly recognized in current molecular phylogenies, which may be due to the paucity of entoproct species for which adequate sequence data are available, some former morphology-based cladistic analyses have already recognized such an assemblage, classifying it as "Lacunifera" or "Sinusoida" (Bartolomaeus, 1993a,b; Haszprunar, 1996, 2000; Ax, 1999).
Similar features were noted for the creeping larva of the entoproct Loxosomella murmanica (Wanninger et al.
This arrangement is fundamentally different from that of other suspension-feeding organisms such as entoprocts (in which both the mouth and anus are surrounded by tentacles) or some polychaetes (e.
In the suspension-feeding entoprocts, the direction of water flow is reversed (3).
The adult and larval morphology and life history of the entoproct Barentsia gracilis (M.
Some observations on the sex differentiation of an entoproct, Barentsia discreta (Busk).