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of flowering plants (especially orchids etc) that are pollinated by insects


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Dioecy has been associated with fleshy fruits and animal dispersal (Bawa 1980, Givnish 1980, 1982, Flores and Schemske 1984, Muenchow 1987), entomophily (Bawa and Opler 1975, Bawa 1980, Bawa and Beach 1981, Beach 1981) and anemophily (Conn et al.
Entomophily in the dioecious gymnosperm Ephedra aphylla Forsk (= E.
1989) further noted that entomophily typically results in the deposition of clumps of pollen, whereas, among the 312 pollination droplets examined in their study, none was observed to contain clumped Ephedra pollen grains.