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With publication of Volume 4, in 1920, The Florida Buggist was renamed, and "molted" into "The Florida Entomologist.
More specifically, the forensic entomologist estimates a portion of the postmortem interval based on the age of the insect present.
RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD -- 267 hot spots out of 27718 total sites visited regarding surveillance of dengue mosquito larvae have been observed by 55 teams of entomologists of Agriculture Department during 2013.
Entomologists there say the spider - the size of a half dollar - evolved so distinctly that it requires its own taxonomic family - the first new spider family from North America since 1870.
In addition to the medical entomologists with the PM detachments, there was also an Army or Navy entomologist assigned to the cooperative medical assistance (CMA) unit that dealt with various medical issues among the Afghan population.
An entomologist is a scientist who studies insects, including bees.
About 800 pages of handwritten notes by a 19th-century entomologist can now be read at a website called "Resurrecting Asa Fitch's Aphid Notes: Historical Entomology for Application Today.
Michener reflecting on his professional development as an entomologist.
I've always been interested in how some animals are loved by everyone and others are loathed just because we've been told to think of them a certain way,'' says Karner, an entomologist at L.
We're losing between 40 and 60 percent of our bee population annually in this country," says Gordon Wardell, an entomologist based in Tucson.
Entomologist Jeffrey Lockwood suggests that drought and a constant southerly wind spread the Rocky Mountain locusts (Melanoplus spretus) over an immense area for days on end during their northward migration.
His achievements lay not in his science per se but rather in his creation of the beau ideal of the entomologist.
But ARS entomologist James Baker thought that if the tool could effectively analyze grain composition, it should also be able to detect a live, growing insect hidden inside a kernel.
In the Brazilian Rainforest, Jessica meets entomologist Rick Kincaid who is studying the moths that pollinate her orchid.
Jim Olson, an entomologist on the team, said the system is just a small part of a larger multiagency project to determine the level of mosquito resistance to pesticides.