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of or relating to the biological science of entomology


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As a result, WHO is supporting the Ministry of Health and health authority governorates to do an epidemiological field investigations and entomological survey focusing on dengue mosquito vector and breeding sites in Hodeidah, Hadramaut and Aden governorates.
Entomological Society of America (ESA) membership, for example, peaked at > 9,000 in 1986 but held steady at 8,000 to 8,500 until 1999, and the number dropped to about 6,000 in 2000 (Fig.
For more information about the Entomological Society of America Certification Corporation, go to http://www.
Luke Tilley, director of outreach at the Royal Entomological Society, explained: "Insects may be small but they have a huge impact on the natural world.
Dr Klaus Reinhardt of Tuebingen University examined the archives of the Entomological Institute at Dachau.
He directed the Department of Entomology and the institute of Horticultural Sciences to establish a lab aimed at efforts in the horticultural sciences and entomological aspects jointly.
One male adult, reared from larva, with associated exuviae (one sub-imago, three larval sets), USA, Wyoming, Sweetwater County, Black's Fork River at I80, west of Green River City, 6-VII-1968, R&D Koss, deposited in the Purdue University Entomological Research Collection, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.
Statistical software used for analyses of entomological impact, user acceptance and net bioefficacy data were Excel, SPSS and StatsDirect, with chi-square test and Fisher's Exact test used for assessing relationships resulting from contingency table.
This was stated by speakers at 2nd Post Graduate Entomological Research Council arranged by Department of Entomology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, where as many as 53 students presented their research papers orally and through poster presentations.
If they've infested your yard, you can look on the ground and see movement everywhere," Joe Macgown, Mississippi State University entomological research technician, (http://www.
JoVonn Hill's research builds on previous entomological work conducted in the cedar glades and xeric limestone prairies of the basin.
Northern California Entomological Society, in support of the Entomology Collection