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of or relating to the biological science of entomology


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This article will specifically address the threat posed to both the US civilian population and military personnel from entomological terrorism.
Entomological observations like larval survey and the adult resting/landing collections by the hand collection methods were individually conducted in the two affected islands Andrott and Kalpeni in November and December 2006.
Bryony Morgan, 21, is a second-year biology student at Newcastle University and one of the youngest members of the Royal Entomological Society.
Speaking at the event organised by the Royal Entomological Society, Pizzi said one of the reasons why spiders are becoming more popular is because they have a longer lifespan than most domestic pets.
To get to the heart of the piece (set to Carlos Surinach's turbulent Concerto for String Orchestra), you had to sweep away all the baggage--the program superscriptions about moths, Sandra Woodall's murky entomological decor, and a six-man corps who milled meaninglessly.
So revered is the monarch, the Entomological Society of America and a variety of garden and environmental organizations sought to have it recognized as the nation's official insect earlier in this decade.
The intriguing botanical configuration of Entomological Specimen #5, 1992, with its diaphanous wings and almost motile cilia, appears organically reanimated by erosion's unpredictable visual effects: the mark of time, the mark of pure materiality.
It's one of the greatest entomological success stories of all times and also one of the least well-known peaceful uses of atomic energy: perfection of an effective control for screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel), using x-radiation.
Contract award notice: Initial chiropterological and entomological status in anticipation of changes in lighting in anticipation of changes
On 5 Jan 1916, 11 men interested in entomology formed the Florida Entomological Society.
According to Professor Jim Hardie, director of science at the Royal Entomological Society, flies process seven times as much information in a second than a human, and they also have '360 degree vision' and 'very fine hairs that will detect air movement,' making any kind of stealthy approach difficult.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--Data on collecting localities were obtained from entomological collections within Texas and extracted from electronic databases maintained by natural history museums.
This was stated by the speakers of a seminar on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Entomological Neglected Issue at Farmers Syndicate Hall of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) here on Wednesday.
Larry's contributions were acknowledged in 1997 when a special festschrift issue of the Journal of the New York Entomological Society was dedicated to his life's work.
Surveys for ants throughout Mississippi from 2002 to 2005 by the Mississippi Entomological Museum (MEM), this species was found only in Black Belt Prairie remnants.