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of or relating to the biological science of entomology

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This finding emphasizes the importance and benefit of routine entomologic surveillance programs to public health in terms of ensuring timely implementation of disease prevention and control measures.
Ear mites--spiderlike little insects known in entomologic circles as Otodectes cynotis--are almost microscopically tiny.
Entomologic and serologic evidence of zoonotic transmission of Babesia microti, eastern Swizerland.
The potential effects of climate change on dengue in the Caribbean were projected using the CIMSiM/DENSiM models (CIMSiM is a dynamic life-table simulation entomologic model of various parameters that influence the growth and reproduction of the mosquito vector for dengue fever, and DENSiM is essentially the corresponding account of the dynamics of a human population; these models account for the development of the virus within individuals and its passage between vector and human populations.
All field data were collected on hard copies of the adult field collection (ED1) and sample sorting (SS3) forms, recently described for informatically robust collection of entomologic data (40).
Entomologic assessments among 105 households revealed 24 water containers per 100 houses colonized by Ae.
Entomologic investigations of a chikungunya virus epidemic in the Union of the Comoros, 2005.
Ear mites are insects known in entomologic circles as Otodectes cynotis, and they are almost microscopically tiny.
Control of Aedes vectors of dengue in three provinces of Vietnam by use of Mesocyclops (Copepoda) and community-based methods validated by entomologic, clinical, and serological surveillance.
A subsequent entomologic investigation during August (usually the driest month of the year) confirmed that mosquito breeding was indeed occurring in the dry season (Jardine et al.
Entomologic analysis revealed that the patients who were infected were likely to have been bitten by nymphal ticks that had been attached for 72 hours or longer.
Although agencies should strive to implement recommended protocols and maintain a cold chain, this is not always possible when performing fieldbased entomologic arbovirus surveillance, particularly in remote areas where dry ice and ultralow freezers are absent.
All the specimens were deposited as adult vouchers in the Entomologic Reference Collection of Faculdade de Saude Publica, Sao Paulo University, Brazil.