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Synonyms for entombment

an act of placing a body in a grave or tomb

Synonyms for entombment

the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave

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Entombment and exhumation, metaphor and metonymy, and figurative and literal are among the dichotomies that Perdigao (English, Florida Institute of Technology) encounters as she explores how 20th-century American writers represent loss and the possibility of recovery.
In The Achievement of Robert Penn Warren, James Justus proposes a symbolic reading of Jasper's entombment.
modernity in religious art, the mid-sixteenth-century religious crisis that pitted artistic ambition against the needs of religious art, and the evolution of visual representations of Christ's Entombment.
In Holding Back the Sea, Christopher Hallowell provides an exhaustive account of why the Gulf of Mexico is consuming these wetlands at the alarming rate of a football field every 15 minutes--from the entombment of the Mississippi in cement levees, to the vast mazes of canals dredged by oil companies, to the effects of global warming.
Curiously, no one wondered whether motorcycle design would be affected by an entombment in an elite gallery, as jazz has been undone by its entombment in elite concert spaces and its debilitating appropriation by elite tastemakers.
So maybe his voluntary entombment is a good opportunity for the Cork public to get the measure of the candidate.
His examples include boat arsons, homicides, suicides, drownings, vehicle entombment, vessel and air crashes, abandoned contraband, weapons and vehicles, recovery and reconstruction of vessels and cargo, and recovery of artifacts from sunken cities.
In a statement, Universal Studios claims that the proposed cleanup, which will involve "removal and engineered entombment of both contaminated and even semi-contaminated soil" is "unprecedented for Japan.
However, the climax of the exhibit is Caravaggio's masterpiece The Entombment of Christ, from the Vatican Art Gallery, a magnificent and mammoth painting, three hundred centimetres high.
If these compounds survived 65 million years of entombment against all odds, they might answer major questions about the evolution of these ruling reptiles.
Among his celebrated religious works are the Louvre Entombment, the Frari Assumption, the Pesaro Madonna, and the moving Piet a of his final phase.
Appropriate final honors were rendered which included a 21-gun salute, as the remains were brought to the entombment area and before it was laid or lowered to the entombment place, the last taps and the volley of fire [were] provided.
Entombment will follow in Notre Dame Mausoleum, 162 Webster Street.
The Entombment of Christ from Senigallia is one of these, completed in 1582 (Fig.