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Synonyms for entomb



Synonyms for entomb

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

Synonyms for entomb

place in a grave or tomb

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Indeed, in some ways the building's structure endangered further the lives of its workers, entrapping and almost entombing them like a high-tech version of the malevolent house in the Gothic novel.
Watkins, Miller asserts that scientific analyses by his state indicate Yucca Mountain fails to meet several key qualifying criteria for entombing radioactive waste.
At the Silver Queen junkyard, a concrete cap is curing, entombing 1,800 cubic yards of lead-contaminated soil.
Then defence lawyer Peter Kyte accused him of having Susan killed, decapitating her and entombing her head in a lump of concrete at Peatfield's home to frame him.
County Department of Public Works, are stuck in a mind-set that pits the environment against flood control needs and aims to protect property by entombing it in concrete.