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Synonyms for entomb



Synonyms for entomb

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

Synonyms for entomb

place in a grave or tomb

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Marco said Pan then used circular saws and handsaws to dismember the body before buying cement to use in entombing Cui's remains, which had been cut into seven pieces and placed in two garage bags.
Detectives are convinced the concrete block was made in a frame specifically for the purpose of entombing the child.
Or how about entombing the next homeless woman to die on the streets of Chicago in the mausoleum to signal disapproval of patriarchy and poverty?
Then, Shaw theorizes, the asphalt seeped into her grave, both entombing and preserving her.
Indeed, in some ways the building's structure endangered further the lives of its workers, entrapping and almost entombing them like a high-tech version of the malevolent house in the Gothic novel.