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Synonyms for entomb



Synonyms for entomb

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

Synonyms for entomb

place in a grave or tomb

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Of the many ways the Chinese have honored the dead through the centuries, says Davis, muzhiming, entombed epitaph inscriptions, have proved to be the most versatile, widespread, and persistent form employed in medieval elite burials and those of later eras as well.
The miners were entombed after a gas blast struck at the Pike River Coal Mine in Atarau, on South Island, yesterday.
Her husband bought the plot from Monroe s former spouse and baseball icon Joe DiMaggio and has been entombed there for 23 years.
Many other bodies are feared entombed in the debris after giant boulders crushed dozens of homes in the shantytown of Manshiyet Nasser on Saturday, burying whole families.
They said the women were still breathing as they were entombed in Baba Kot, a remote village in the Jafferabad region, 200 miles from Quetta.
CALCULATING monster Josef Fritzl used an industrial winch to build the dungeon where his daughter Elisabeth was entombed for 24 years as his sex slave.
Rescue teams from Hamstead, Tankerley and Altofts in Yorkshire tried valiantly to save the entombed men and one rescuer, John Welsby, died in the attempt.
Accomplished author Jeremy Robinson presents Raising the Past, a suspenseful novel about the discovery of an ancient artifact, entombed within ice and the carcass of an elephant for ten thousand years, left behind by an advanced civilization.
Rhodri realizes that his destiny is to rescue the men entombed in Homeira's stone cave, recover his father's heart, and find Excalibur, the famous sword of King Arthur.
Matthew Gill, manager of the century-old Beaconsfield Gold Mine in Tasmania state, said Brant Webb, aged 37, and Todd Russell, aged 34, were given the digital music players as they entered their eighth day entombed under tons of rocks that fell on the cage they were working in following an April 25 earthquake.
AN AUSTRIAN woman who stuffed the bodies of two of her four babies in a freezer and entombed two others in plastic buckets filled with cement was yesterday convicted of three counts of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
What's even more exciting is that the shape and position of the blood droplets show what happened to the spider when it became entombed," says David Penney, a pale.
The deceased are ensconced in steel caskets lined with plush upholstery, then entombed in concrete vaults, as if to prevent decay.
rigorous--designs of what was then-contemporary Japanese stereo equipment (in manifest opposition to the Becher school's fixation on architecture) as a visual regime in which all avant-garde aspirations for the transformation of everyday life now lay entombed.