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Synonyms for entomb



Synonyms for entomb

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

Synonyms for entomb

place in a grave or tomb

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Police were unable to determine the cause of Lara's death but launched a murder inquiry because her body had been entombed.
The MSDF will dispatch a submarine-rescue ship equipped with a remote-controlled underwater research vehicle and about 130 divers to help retrieve the bodies and belongings of nine people presumed to be entombed in the vessel, they said.
Of 35 people aboard the ship, nine including four teenagers and two teachers went missing and are believed entombed in the wreck.
Two men were later arrested and charged with the theft and Chaplin's body was entombed under a ton of concrete.
The Belfry shopping centre in Redhill, Surrey, has bought the car, which will be preserved with the help of scientific experts before being entombed in the 100 cubic-square-metre vault at Guildford Castle, Surrey on March 3, along with letters to people of the year 3000 from personalities including Vera Lynn.
Characterization is deepened by costuming detail; frightening shadows, projected bunraku-fashion, signify Poe's heart lurking below the floorboards, his entombed cat scratching behind the walls.
He is convinced her body - entombed in a Los Angeles crypt - still holds traces of the drugs used to kill her.
In 1988, a massive water discharge and sluice operation at the Bridgeport Reservoir upstream of the river entombed nine miles of the stream under a suffocating layer of silt.
Past reorganizations live on in ghostly form, entombed in forms that no one quite understands, with procedures that are followed, though the reasons may no longer be clear.
In the Tube tunnel not far away, the injured were trapped - dying and entombed 100 feet below ground.
Egyptologist Fletcher became intrigued in 2002 when she heard of a mummy that had been entombed in the Valley of the Kings wearing a wig--a symbol of importance that Fletcher had studied extensively.
The visitor was forced to pass through a turnstile connected to a hundred-ton jack by a series of gears and straps in order to gain access to a treasure trove of Plexiglas entombed artifacts (or "relics" in Burden's lexicon) beyond.
They find instead a video made by Maxwell that challenges the three sons to locate him and his entombed treasures in order to claim their inheritance.
America's 40th president, an inspirational figure beloved by millions, was entombed during a private ceremony at his presidential library in the coastal mountains overlooking the sea.