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Synonyms for entomb



Synonyms for entomb

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

Synonyms for entomb

place in a grave or tomb

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The US Timecapsule in Arkansas will entomb a fully furnished house and a variety of cars for the edification of people 1,000 years on, and France and New Zealand also have national schemes.
A WOMAN who repeatedly gave birth, only to stuff her infants into a freezer or entomb them in cement-filled buckets, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.
Many DOE scientists think Yucca is the safest place to store nuclear waste: The terrain is forged of dry volcanic rock rugged enough to entomb nuclear waste for 10,000 years.
But this event got me to wondering: Why entomb bishops in such ornate mausoleums anyway?
Bury some young artists in praise, and it might entomb them at their current level.