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right granted by law or contract (especially a right to benefits)

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Institutional Entitlement Offer raised approximately $40 million with strong support from both existing shareholders and new investors.
Over time, the value of historical entitlements would reduce to zero and all those with a claim entitlement would be paid according to how much land they declare.
Shareholders who tendered in excess of the Basic Entitlement will have
The existing statutory paid holiday entitlement is four weeks (20 days for those working a five-day week) and pro-rata for people who work part-time.
Therefore you may have a valid defence if it is the case that all your contracts of employment provide that the entitlement to a bank holiday is conditional upon the employee being due to work on it.
A Category C1 entitlement lets you drive vehicles of more than 3.
It went on to say: "It can be inferred that, in some schools, there is no entitlement to language learning post-14.
Hence, entitlement funds are typically accessed by employers for business operations rather than being quarantined for the express purpose of meeting employment obligations.
Bolten thinks "stars have aligned in a way" to make the first six months of 2007 a time when Republicans and Democrats may be open to compromise on overhauling costly entitlements.
In the past such commissions have gotten input from a variety of experts and think tanks in crafting recommendations for reforming entitlement programs.
Halls auctioneers of Shropshire believe the sale of Single Payment Scheme entitlements, which have replaced the old system of agricultural quotas and subsidies will attract nationwide interest.
As defense and entitlement spending has grown, most everything else that the US government does has been squeezed and squeezed again in search of savings.
In addition, control policies such as those related to segregation of duties or entitlement re-certifications can be managed more easily through policy-based automation.
Rule 325(b), [M] has a fight to intervene in this matter for the sole purpose of challenging petitioner's entitlement to relief from joint and several liability.
The proposed program, a Federally funded entitlement administered by.