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right granted by law or contract (especially a right to benefits)

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Latest figures in Greater Shepparton show this equalled 1289 individual entitlements for suburbs including Murchison, Kialla, Merrigum and Congupna.
THREE of the former workers of the defunct national carrier, the Nigeria Airways collapsed during the peaceful protest staged at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos over what they called the continuous refusal of the federal government to pay them their N45 billion final entitlements thirteen years after the liquidation of the former national carrier.
Joshua Grubbs, lead author on the article 'Psychological Entitlement and Ambivalent Sexism: Understanding the Role of Entitlement in Predicting Two Forms of Sexism' said that when it is considered that entitlement has been shown to be rising across recent generations, linking it to sexist attitudes is particularly alarming.
Despite the massive growth and evolution of the enterprise software industry, independent software vendors (ISVs) have largely failed to implement automated software licensing and entitlement management systems across their product lines, and their failure to modernize is hurting business.
Social Security, Medicare (health insurance for the elderly) and Medicaid (health insurance for the poor) aren't the only big entitlement programs.
The total number of IDC shares on issue after the New Shares under the institutional entitlement will be 960,217,535.
A distinction is made between narcissistic entitlement and psychological entitlement in that the measure of narcissistic entitlement, which is the subscale of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI), has poor reliability, while the Psychological Entitlement Scale (PES) has been found to be both reliable and valid.
For example, Oberlin (2009) notes that instructors may have a sense of entitlement themselves, feeling deserved of respect and having specific expectations of what students should get out of their courses.
Entitlement spending is a form of mandatory spending (also referred to as direct spending), which currently comprises more than half of total federal spending.
Bank holidays (of which there are currently eight in England and Wales) can count towards the 28 days although some generous employers give bank holidays on top of the minimum entitlement.
In particular, it asked whether Directive 2003/88/EC on working time applies to public servants and whether the entitlement to an allowance covers only the minimum annual leave or whether it extends to the additional leave for which national law provides.
The Long Service Leave Act provides at section 4 (2) (a) (i) an entitlement of two months for 10 years' service and one month for each five years thereafter.
However, the claims to entitlement of the beneficiaries of these different programs -- of a Social Security participant who paid into the "trust fund" for 40 years; of a Medicare beneficiary who just saw the benefit enriched by fiat and without funding via Medicare Part D; of a Medicaid participant; and of a veteran or federal employee -- are each of an entirely different quality.
Mullah said in a statement to NINA on Thursday " Iraqiy believes that there is two entitlements to political and legal election's achievements , the first is done by Iraqiya formal participation in the executive authority , the second entitlement should be applied by activating a real power sharing to which the first entitlement is in need to be integrated.
If there is disagreement, then within 12 months of the entitlement arising, the alternative holiday can be taken on a date determined by the employee, taking into account the employer's view on when it is convenient.