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qualified for by right according to law

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It's a succinct description of the mind-set of psychologically entitled employees who feel they simply deserve success, promotions, admiration, and commendation without demonstrating the merit, high performance, or qualifications to warrant such rewards.
De Santis's June/July story entitled Sexuality questions leave church at odds won an honourable mention in the category of best news story in a newspaper;
19--The Association of Real Estate Women will hold a seminar, entitled "Positioning Yourself for Success in a Rapidly Changing Economy," starting at 6:00 p.
Gaines and Michael's article entitled, "Managing Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems with Service Level Agreements," provide a prescriptive approach to managing in a performance-based environment.
Because Scheingold's offer met all of these conditions, he was entitled to reasonable costs and attorney fees.
B contends that he is entitled to increase his tax basis in C's debt to the Bank, to the extent he personally guaranteed and secured such debt.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that classification rulings issued by the Customs Service are not entitled to deference under the Supreme Court's 1984 decision in Chevron U.
During the same years, Gilford allegedly filed false claims for three clients that they bought more than 75,000 gallons of gasoline and were entitled to more than $10,000 in tax credits, Mrozek said.
Thus, a Madonna CD that turned up in a retail outlet near Guangzhou included one song called "Fever" instead of "Fever," and a second entitled "Lik a Prauer" instead of "Like a Prayer.
Eligible employees are entitled to take leave upon the birth of a child, the adoption of a child, or the placement of a child with the employee for foster care.
18--CoreNet Global will hold its monthly luncheon, entitled "Creating Connectivity," starting at 11:30 a.
Hinkley argued she was entitled to relief because she did not know there was an understatement of tax--which is provided for in IRC section 6015(b).
Public schoolteachers who want to be athletic coaches are entitled to a hiring preference under California law, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.
5-hour continuing education course, entitled "Foreclosure ad Investment," from 6:00 p.