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Synonyms for entirety

in its entirety


Synonyms for entirety

the state of being entirely whole

an amount or quantity from which nothing is left out or held back

Synonyms for entirety

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If an estate in fee be given to a man and his wife, they are neither property joint-tenants, nor tenants in common; for husband and wife being considered as one in law, they cannot take the estate by moieties, but are seized of the entirety, per tout et non per my; the consequences of which is that neither the husband nor wife can dispose of any part without the assent of the other, but the whole must remain to the survivor.
87 in the entirety of 2010 while Jordanian bank assets recorded a 6.
Parties should carefully read the disclosure statements and the plans in their entirety prior to voting on the plans.
Any real property, or any beneficial interest in a land trust, or any interest in real property held in a revocable inter vivos trust or revocable inter vivos trusts created for estate planning purposes, held in tenancy by the entirety shall not be liable to be sold upon judgment entered on or after October 1, 1990 against only one of the tenants, except if the property was transferred into tenancy by the entirety with the sole intent to avoid the payment of debts existing at the time of the transfer beyond the transferor's ability to pay those debts as they become due.
That clause, however, stated that "[i]n the event that the application, including materials submitted therewith, contains misrepresentations made with the actual intent to deceive, or contains misrepresentations which materially affect either the acceptance of the risk or the hazard assumed by the Insurer under this policy, this policy in its entirety shall be void and of no effect whatsoever.
Read in its entirety there is no escaping the fact that it represents a bleak picture of Arab governments' developmental efforts since their inception.
After reviewing Kempling's articles on this matter, the College declared "Everything that you have written in its entirety is derogatory and discriminatory.
For those who'd like to peruse the Good Book in its entirety, it can be downloaded--along with 8,000 other works--from the virtual library at www.
All articles are available for purchase and can be mailed or downloaded in their entirety.
Craft, 4/17/02, that a husband's interest in a tenancy by the entirety was "property" or "rights to property" to which a Federal tax lien could attach, despite the fact that state (Michigan) law exempted such property from creditors.
Movement III unfolds as a graceful pastorale in 6/8 time, presenting the melody twice in its entirety, adding gravity through use of an ostinato-like pedal line.
JER Partners was able to lease the building in its entirety, thus realizing its full sale potential in the marketplace.
That's one of the fun facts presented in PBS' ``Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided'' that began Monday night on KCET (to be repeated in its entirety on Sunday from 1 to 7 p.
Several hours long, these videos are impossible to comprehend in their entirety but instead sharpen the viewer's eye for the unnoticed details of quotidian life.
Because we had such stellar panelists who were willing to share so candidly their experiences in some extremely sensitive instances, we decided to run the debate almost in its entirety.