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You give the rays, I the englobed full sun; I give the river, you the separate springs: My motherhood's all my child's with all it brings--None takes the strong entireness from her: none.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The essence of friendships is entireness, a total magnanimity and trust.
It demands heart, brain, soul, body, the entireness of its votary.
19) But philosophy is not a dialogic discourse around separated and inert 'things' that have to be ordered in a system of rational connections; rather, it is a monologic form of expression and being, although traversing the world's heteronomy of facts, does not allow for any subjective consciousness to legitimate the possess of its threatening entireness.
and we held ever after a good outward correspondence; but both of them [meaning Cotton and Selden] being more learned than pious, I never sought after or ever attained unto any great entireness with them: yet I had much more familiarity with Sir Robert Cotton than with Mr.