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Synonyms for entirely




Synonyms for entirely

Synonyms for entirely

to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent ('whole' is often used informally for 'wholly')

without any others being included or involved

References in classic literature ?
By him the whole matter seemed entirely forgotten; and all the rest of his conversation, or rather talk, began and ended with himself and his own concerns.
Little as Catherine was in the habit of judging for herself, and unfixed as were her general notions of what men ought to be, she could not entirely repress a doubt, while she bore with the effusions of his endless conceit, of his being altogether completely agreeable.
Her own feelings entirely engrossed her; her wretchedness was most acute on finding herself obliged to go directly home.
She lived almost entirely alone; she read, she studied, she loved music.
He had said that he intended to stop at no means to obtain his freedom; even if Nastasia were to promise to leave him entirely alone in future, he would not (he said) believe and trust her; words were not enough for him; he must have solid guarantees of some sort.
To Nastasia's question as to what they wished her to do, Totski confessed that he had been so frightened by her, five years ago, that he could never now be entirely comfortable until she herself married.
The former is a salt which appears under the form of white crystals; when raised to a temperature of 400 degrees it is transformed into chlorure of potassium, and the oxygen which it contains is entirely liberated.
1 : to destroy entirely or nearly entirely <The forest was devastated by fire.
But you don't have to get rid of the AMT entirely to provide mercy for that fellow and others similarly situated.
In fact, a trip here predicated entirely on foodie tourism is perfectly plausible.
My second example (bottom right) is also a picture of a person at work, but made in an entirely different way, and expressing a different idea.
481(a) adjustment that would be taken into account entirely in the earliest open year under examination.
Two people who intend to marry intend to give themselves to one another not partially, but entirely.
Taylor has never had friends, so she is not entirely certain how to proceed, but she has goals.
Which birds' migration routes are located entirely west of the Mississippi River?