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a leaf having a smooth margin without notches or indentations

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The final process was to spatter paint over the entire leaf print.
Are there "lacy" places on a leaf or has the entire leaf become `lacy'?
The old man's contemplation of whether a leaf turns red from the stalk out or gradually throughout the entire leaf becomes a larger metaphor for mortality.
In most instances, a one or two man crew can complete an entire Leaf Defier installation in less than one-half-day.
The company sources its entire leaf requirement domestically for all its tobacco products, with leaf currently grown in the country's North Central Province.
Technical development manager, Philip Marr, said: "They caused havoc to our Excalibur, removing almost the entire leaf area.
Low tannin content recorded during the entire leaf expansion process suggests that, due to the fast growth, young leaves use all the available resources and photosynthesis products in cellular multiplication and differentiation processes, so that during growth, most of the secondary metabolic pathways, including tannin synthesis, show low activity.
If there are a lot of spots, the entire leaf turns yellow.
Blade does not taper to point, Kentucky bluegrass entire leaf has similar width; sheaths not strongly compressed; very short membranous ligule (2) Blades without boat-shaped tip; no Goosegrass transparent lines on either side of midvein; prostrate growth habit (stems lie on ground) II.
However, the entire leaf is used, with or without the petiole attached, and it is not cut into sections.
Yellowing occurs first around the spot and may progress until the entire leaf turns yellow and falls.
THE Japanese blood grass, Imperata Rubra, gets better as the season progresses and the red tipped yellow-lime leaves intensify as the colour spreads over the entire leaf.
Each leaflet is one to three inches long, and the entire leaf is one to two feet.
Q: Please give me some advice on saving my liquid amber (sweetgum) tree, A couple of years ago the leaves, instead of being healthy green, became yellow-green and burn black from the edges until the entire leaf shrivels and drops.
6A) while only contributing 19% to the entire leaf fraction's dry weight (data not shown) in plants pulsed at 65 DAI.