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Like most jig fishermen, he's tried many brands and styles, including Bass Pro Shops Enticer, Penetrator, Nichols, and Santone.
Fortunately Music composer Bikramjit Ranjha was with me and we parked our Enticer at railway station, Got the ticket and started waiting for the train which was late and supposed to arrive after 20 minutes.
A real enticer, however, is the blackboard by the entrance, which lists sinful desserts such as Nutella cheesecake and red velvet cake.
Yamaha introduced the 125cc Enticer to change this.
A delicious mix of mascarpone cream with Amaretto liqueur, sponge fingers soaked in coffee liqueur and dusted with light cocoa powder is another irresistible enticer not unlike its Sweet Moments counterparts.
Another California-based accounts receivable manager, who chose to remain anonymous, told NACM that some sales professionals with whom she worked fast became all too willing to give out relaxed terms almost as an enticer or selling tool.
Hungry mallards and pintails often mix right in with geese in crop fields, so waving a goose flag is a perfectly natural enticer for ducks.
A proposal to ban them was used as an enticer to vote for a draft Alaska state constitution.