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Synonyms for enthusiastically

with enthusiasm

in a lavish or enthusiastic manner


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The students have shown ample interest in learning the techniques and process of using these arms and the girls were enthusiastically asking about the equipment.
He is one of the originators of the "healing stones" theory which was enthusiastically promoted in a recent BBC Timewatch documentary.
It's a role she enthusiastically took on long before many other prominent gay athletes, even if it meant jeopardizing lucrative sponsorships.
IABC responded enthusiastically to the call, as did the LI.
He enthusiastically supports the City's efforts to generate development opportunities in Downtown Brooklyn that create jobs and affordable housing.
Although it no longer advises clergy and directors of education enthusiastically to go ahead-as it did for fifteen or more years until 1997-it now advises that everything is fine when the funds are "earmarked" for this or that specific project (CCCB, Sept.
She has taken on the combined forces of political correctness, historical revisionism and pathological victimhood, all buttressed enthusiastically by much of the Canadian legal establishment.
New Zealand has enthusiastically embraced free trade since the 1980s, and Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) head Murray Horton charges that the legacy of this is a country where one third of children live in poverty, with "the fastest-growing economic divide between the rich and poor of any developed country.
Bauer's call to arms was enthusiastically received by the audience of 300 Religious Right activists gathered for a three-day strategy session at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.
Local communities, invited by the City Council to submit ideas to use the money wisely, responded enthusiastically.
Every month, many CalCPA members enthusiastically volunteer their expertise and opinions to journalists throughout the state and across the nation on issues relating to the profession.
A public speaker who can enthusiastically communicate scientific and business plans to a variety of audiences
Carter (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Trent University, Canada), and enhanced with an informative introduction by Professor Carter and a foreword by Jan Van Bragt, "On Buddhism" is a work of impeccable and superbly accessible scholarship, making it a seminal, influential, and enthusiastically recommended contribution to personal, academic, and community library Buddhist Studies and Eastern Philosophy reference collections and supplemental reading lists.