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Synonyms for enthusiastic

Synonyms for enthusiastic

showing or having enthusiasm

Antonyms for enthusiastic

having or showing great excitement and interest

References in classic literature ?
Plain Tales from the Hills' in prose, and other works, followed in rapid succession and won him enthusiastic recognition.
USA], Mar 11 (ANI): Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is enthusiastic about talks between United States and North Korea, US President Donald Trump said.
Kyle Mooney is childishly enthusiastic as James, his No 1 fan.
Ken Dooley, who was in his 50s, has been described as "hugely enthusiastic and dedicated to his horses" by his employer.
They are split, however, on whether they are more enthusiastic or less enthusiastic than usual about voting.
They arrive to find the building dilapidated but are won over by the enthusiastic young manager, and each embarks on their own adventures in the city.
Mon-Fri BBC1 There's a new addition at The Mill when enthusiastic young doctor Sid (left) arrives to start work.
Pope Francis, a keen soccer fan, is reported to be enthusiastic about the idea.
Enthusiastic parents, led by pupil Oscar Womersley's mum, Kathleen, are currently organising a parents' gardening club.
Summary: They were treated to traditional hospitality with scores of enthusiastic and smiling volunteers handing out dates and traditional sweets along with Arabic coffee.
John Walden, managing director of Argos said: "As we approach our busiest shopping period of the year, we need the extra support in our stores from enthusiastic colleagues to ensure that we continue to deliver brilliant customer service to the millions that shop with us at this time of year.
Up to 24 percent of Latino voters said they were extremely enthusiastic to vote on Election Day next November compared to 25 percent who said to be "very enthusiastic", while 14 percent were not enthusiastic.
Shane was nominated by Sara Newson, youth development officer at Stepney Bank Stables, who said: "Shane is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of our youth volunteering team.
1 : friendly and enthusiastic <a hearty welcome>
Caption: "When we're enthusiastic we brighten their day," Emily Aitken told the Mount Forest Confederate.