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cause to feel enthusiasm

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Enthuse, which is part of the npower's Brighter Futures Programme, aims to inspire young people from their first day at school to their first day at work.
Nevertheless, AstraZeneca will continue with the Enthuse study 33, testing zibotentan in combination with standard chemotherapy in more advanced metastatic CRPC, full results from which are expected in the second half of 2011.
Above right, Enthuse volunteer Senan Haddad with students Laura Massey and Rheanna Geoghegan generating energy to power the light bulbs.
Five engineers from Fawley Power Station joined 115, Year 9 students at the Enthuse day.
Another key aspect of their personality is the ability to motivate and enthuse others.
The staff and pupils would like to thank the people from Enthuse and npower for their enthusiasm and hard work".
Harrison's mentor and champion, Paula Vogel, author of How I Learned to Drive, enthuses, "Now we will see the more subtle side of this remarkable theatrical mind.
enthuses Laura Johnston, 44, a nurse from New Mexico.
We've got a fantastic mining program here," he enthuses.
We go to the machine shop where they invented all this stuff,'' Nichols enthuses.
TRADITION is an awesome thing,'' enthuses Chris Thiel, a performer in the contemporary bluegrass group Nickel Creek.
Deena, the designated Type-A among the women, rejoices in the sisterhood, albeit for a curious reason: ``We can pee in front of each other,'' she enthuses.
Getting the part) was the scariest thing that ever happened to me, it was the biggest thing that ever happened to me,and it was the best thing that ever happened to me,'' enthuses Watson.
Quote: ``The folks at 'Afropop Worldwide' have their fingers on the pulse of some of the most exciting music on the planet,'' enthuses singer Bonnie Raitt.
I really, really like music,'' Mathers enthuses and explains that he enjoys rock and progressive folk music.