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Synonyms for enthrone

provide with power and authority

put a monarch on the throne


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Mr Banks may be glad to hear that, at this coming Saturday's Eisteddfod proclamation Ceremony in Swansea, my three year term of office as Archdruid ends and I shall be enthroning my successor Selwyn Iolen.
By enthroning the Sacred Heart in our hearts we help make a place for the love of God in Jesus that enfolds the whole world and embraces the poor and the sinner in forgiveness.
But Trudeau changed it, turning a welcome for ethnic pluralism into something very different, namely approval for ethical or moral pluralism, thereby enthroning agnosticism as king.
Vann Woodward was, of course, one of the leading proponents of the discontinuity thesis, arguing in Origins of the New South that the Civil War and Reconstruction unseated the old planter elite, enthroning in its place a new, thoroughly bourgeois, class of merchants and industrialists.
Despite recessionary times and major overhauls in traditional family roles, enough families are enthroning their patriarchs for Father's Day to make the date a key point on the furniture marketing calendar.
After being anointed, the Bishop then continued to the front of the Cathedral for the enthroning, in which the Archdeacon of Canterbury, Sheila Watson, officially inducted him to the Bishopric of Coventry, by virtue of the Archbishop of Canterbury.