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Synonyms for enthrone

provide with power and authority

put a monarch on the throne


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800 Age in years of marble chair of St Augustine used in enthronement.
The enthronement of die spiritual head of the 85-million-strong Anglican Communion.
Two days after his enthronement, the new Archbishop of Canterbury will lead his diocese into Holy Week and Easter Sunday.
Welby will also wear a cope and mitre of his own choosing "There are DO enthronement robes specific to Canterbury," said Willis adding that when Archbishop Rowan Williams was enthroned in 2003, he was robed in a cope and mitre provided by the Church in Wales.
It's quite a simple service really," said Willis, who will be enthroning an Archbishop of Canterbury for the second time He recalled his first--the enthronement of Archbishop Williams--as being "a happy occasion," adding, "one has a great sense of humility in standing In front of that door waiting for the knock on the door and being the one who says, 'Welcome.