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Synonyms for enthronement

the ceremony of installing a new monarch

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The Rt Rev Butler will take part in a series of events this weekend as part of his official enthronement.
There will be a service at Durham Cathedral tomorrow to mark what is formally known as his 'Inauguration of Public Ministry, Enthronement and Installation'.
Merging social and political history and literary studies, these essays address such topics as royal imposture in Russia as a cultural-historical phenomenon, enthronement in the Russian and Byzantine traditions, Europe as metaphor and metonymy in relation to the history of Russia, and the myth of the state in the Age of Enlightenment and its destruction in late 18th-century Russia.
Jobless Jonathan Elliott, 47, had thought the premier was in the car as it arrived at Canterbury Cathedral for the enthronement of new Archbishop Justin Welby.
A man has been arrested after allegedly running at a car carrying the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall before the Archbishop of Canterbury's enthronement.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, kisses the Canterbury Gospels and (above) sits in the Chair of St Augustine during his enthronement service
Historic seat: The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, sits in the Chair of St Augustine during his enthronement service and kisses the Canterbury Gospels (below).
The Prince of Wales speaks with the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Justin Welby following his Enthronement at Canterbury Cathedral
Summary: Religious leaders joined royalty and politicians for the enthronement of The Most Rev Justin Welby, the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury.
Top-level delegations from 180 countries will attend the enthronement.
Nicolas Cathedral in Ashrafieh Sunday, his first since his enthronement as patriarch of the Levant and Antioch in Damascus last week.
On Sunday, al-Rai said during the enthronement of Greek Orthodox leader, John al-Yaziji, that Syria is paining from " futile wars," stressing that everything that is befalling the country "doesn't equal one innocent drop of Syria's blood.
Putin congratulated Ilia II on his recent 80th birthday and on the 35th anniversary of his enthronement as patriarch.
In their first official meeting after the papal enthronement, the church delegation "thanked Morsy for appointing Tawadros," Yasser Ali, presidential spokesperson said.
Pope Tawadros II, 60, was elected earlier this month, but the televised official enthronement ceremony was held Sunday at the Coptic cathedral in Cairo.