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Synonyms for enthrone

provide with power and authority

put a monarch on the throne


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He sat higher than the others, under a black eagle with widespread wings and the German Imperial flags; he was, as it were, enthroned, and it struck Bert greatly that as he ate he did not look at people, but over their heads like one who sees visions.
Dorothea, he said to himself, was forever enthroned in his soul: no other woman could sit higher than her footstool; and if he could have written out in immortal syllables the effect she wrought within him, he might have boasted after the example of old Drayton, that,--
As they halted at the foot of the marble steps, the proud gaze of Tara of Helium rested upon the enthroned figure of the man above her.
Anne and Priscilla and Phil had awaited her advent rather dubiously; but when Aunt Jamesina was enthroned in the rocking chair before the open fire they figuratively bowed down and worshipped her.
There he sits enthroned, with room for a fair admirer on either side of him--the clerical sultan of a platonic harem.
Standing behind the chair on which his imperious young wife sat enthroned, he looked at her submissively between every two words that he addressed to me, as if he waited for her permission to open his lips and speak.
Aylward, with a fishing lass on either arm, was vowing constancy alternately to her on the right and her on the left, while big John towered in the rear with a little chubby maiden enthroned upon his great shoulder, her soft white arm curled round his shining headpiece.
Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.
Long afterwards he remembered perhaps how one evening he had stood among the crowd tiptoeing and eager to catch a glimpse of the great Queen as she sat enthroned on a golden chair.
sat enthroned above the bowed head of Razumov in the sombre immobility of bronze.
The younger lady was in the lovely bloom and spring-time of womanhood; at that age, when, if ever angels be for God's good purposes enthroned in mortal forms, they may be, without impiety, supposed to abide in such as hers.
But, profound gravity sat enthroned on Wegg's countenance.
Providing a fresh twist, Advani's close aide Sudheendra Kulkarni ( in pic) has lamented the state of affairs in the BJP in which " an autocrat ( Modi) is sought to be enthroned, and a perfect democrat ( Advani) is being marginalised and humiliated" in an open letter to BJP president Rajnath Singh.
Summary: 'An autocrat is sought to be enthroned, and a perfect democrat is being marginalised and humiliated,' says the former BJP member in a letter to the party's top brass.
He is then enthroned and installed at a service of Inauguration of his Public Ministry in Durham Cathedral on February 22.