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Synonyms for enthrallment

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for enthrallment

a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual

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Mermaid-lore, however, speaks of these hybrid creatures in terms of allurement--they are both beautiful and dangerous--and thus the mermaid reference does not preclude the same association with enthrallment that the word "Syren" might summon.
Fake also, perhaps, because Spiritual America represented a simulacrum of an art gallery--the mere idea of a gallery--at the dawn of the art world's enthrallment with the later writings of Jean Baudrillard.
Taji constructs his narrative enthrallment of Yillah about an assumption of his own irresistible pigmentation.
In 1996, for instance, mad cow disease became Rama's unlikely muse as the malady spread across Europe; a series of truly elegant, if macabre, drawings featuring taut, tumescent udders and other bestial part objects was the result of her enthrallment.
Given my enthrallment with the Beaver Kid, imagine the thrill I got from discovering an ONJ leitmotif in 2001's two most acute, heartening, yet radically different performances.
The bright Marimekko orange and green on the panels' verso acknowledge Vejvi's own heritage and the Scandinavian design tradition while cracking a wry joke at the expense of other LA artists and their recent enthrallment with moderne style.
If fashion and fashion photography have become a part of the media in its expansive enthrallment, then the images need not describe but merely comment on and intensify.
An incident during her tour in Egypt, a few months before she played Silvia in the 1899 premiere of La Gioconda, reveals his enthrallment with beautiful hands found in the midst of agony.
In poem I, the "spawn of fantasies" represents the relation among the following poems as creative offspring made of hybrid moods on love that move from satire to romantic enthrallment.
Toward a conclusion, the works collectively indicate a shared enthrallment with the plants' seemingly miraculous ability to return from states of near-death, as visually signified by the withering and browning of foliage.
Her achievement lies in her ability to narrate a text that forces her to confront Enthrallment, she is as Angela Hall-Godsey says: "Jane is the power behind her own narrative" (Hall-Godsey, 2008: 44).
She argues that what Austen "recognized with unparalleled clarity" was that "generalizations" like those employed by Richardson in Sir Charles Grandison (1753-54), "far from preventing, in fact promoted the reader's Galatean enthrallment to a Pygmalion-like author .
The enthrallment of creativity I experienced in Bali lingered beyond my trip, because I found my feet dragging me to art exhibition openings after I returned to Manila.
Not without regression and retreat and a temporary enthrallment '++with the beasts.
Aeneas' amazement, the product of fatigue, is also, as we have seen, the psychological pre-condition for effective verbal image making; and Aeneas' image making is matched by Achates' own searching about for Hecuba, which shows his sympathetic (or sycophantic) attempts to humour his friend (or leader), but also evokes the risk of mental enthrallment by the seductive charms of ekphrasis.