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Synonyms for enthrallment

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for enthrallment

a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual

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Allowing that the origins of his "self-conquest" and "self-indulgent" opium consumption may appear suspicious, De Quincey nevertheless presents his opium-eating as perfectly in balance with itself: the "sensuality," "fascinating enthrallment," and "positive pleasure" of opium are offset by the "religious zeal" and the heroism of "untwist[ing], almost to its final links, the accursed chain" of habituation.
Chapter two deepens Braver's commitment to the worldly relation, overturning modernity's enthrallment with the construction of an idealized whole from discrete parts in favor of a world into which we are all always already thrown.
His personal failings were swiftly and unerringly identified with his political aspirations in a way that interlinked his "sexual irmnorality, his political deception, and his uxorious enthrallment as symptoms of his unmanly character" (54-5).
The audience witnessed that extraordinary moment, available only in live performance, when unified, passionate musical vision pushes past all expectations toward enthrallment.
Most come under the enthrallment enforced by the world's blackest market, human trafficking.
The metaphor of "serial machines" seems to celebrate their ability to create the final effect of a great human "product"--an excellent acrobatic performance, promising enough to offer images of fascination and enthrallment.
An unexpected agility with the camera and a propensity for filmic and theatrical poses in his paintings underscore his enthrallment with the period's new image technologies.
This enthrallment with bygone neighborhood virtues emanated, in part, from DuBois's model of racial and ethnic division.
Leebaert highlights the American enthrallment with stars in an acerbic portrait of "The Doctor," Henry Kissinger, "the emergency man in the mode of audacious New Frontiersman.
Her own enthrallment with the story of Madame de Maintenon, morganatic second wife to Louis XIV of France, suggests some intriguing parallels: "born in the workhouse, mysterious childhood visit to America, married as a girl to brilliant paralyzed poet, widowed, gets to be governess to the king's bastards and next thing you know she's reformed the king and married him" 197).
Radley walk past the Finch house, Elmer Bernstein's musical score picks up what he calls his "over the top" and "very Gothic" mystery theme that tries to capture the exhilarating fear of these children's enthrallment with Boo.
Unless we make explicit the values that Greenberg articulates, our students will continue to default to grade consciousness (it only feels good if it gets me an A) and a refusal of that moment of unprocessed enthrallment that is one of the great pleasures of viewing art.
It is not merely God's service (as the prayer book has it) that is perfect freedom, but God's enthrallment, his imprisonment; it is not merely God's love that makes the soul chaste, but God's rape, his ravishment.
The Tour de France was spectacular, the Twenty20 World Cup little short of perfect, the World Athletics surprisingly brilliant and the golf a constant source of enthrallment.
As in Jeremiah so in Paul: it is direct appropriation and experience of God (God's forgiveness in Jeremiah, God's righteousness here) that moves us beyond our enthrallment with the law.