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Synonyms for enthrallingly

in a bewitching manner

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In a novel overflowing with enthrallingly compelling prose and plot, Abulhawa fearlessly marches fiction to the frontier with reality, then steps decisively across it.
Opens Friday, May 4 MIA Hansen-Love's enthrallingly honest story about the adolescent longings of first love is a low-key subtitled charmer.
In between the Berlioz offerings came Beethoven's Violin Concerto, enthrallingly played by young Ukrainian virtuoso Valeriy Sokolov.
Queen of the Confederacy: The Innocent Deceits of Lucy Holcombe Pickens is the aptly researched and enthrallingly presented biography of Lucy Holcombe Pickens (1832-1899), wife of Francis Wilkinson Pickens, the man who became the secessionist governor of South Carolina as America hurtled toward the Civil War.
This vivacious production is a timeless tribute which has the ability to entertain so enthrallingly throughout, that Ol' Blue Eyes himself would have surely taken his hat off to the cast.
This sumptuous production is enthrallingly Hollywood and boasts beautiful cinematography.
Here, I can still feel how your little dry hand enthrallingly tickles my neck--ah
When the dust finally settles on an enthrallingly epic Tyne-Wear derby, the result has to be put into some kind of context and Joe Kinnear will know this is two points dropped against a relegation rival.
With Sublimity likely to be strategically campaigned to maximise his chance of retaining his crown, a wonderful era of Irish hurdling, during which the top performers clashed regularly and enthrallingly, has nearly run its course.
In fact, as the reminiscences of their directors, such as John Pope-Hennessy, Thomas Hoving or Roy Strong, make so enthrallingly evident, great museums are all too often the setting for political strife and bitter infighting of the sort usually held to characterise Italian city states in the renaissance.
Christianson knows everything there is to know about Isaac, including what will remain mysterious, and recounts it enthrallingly.
In writer-director Craig Lucas's enthrallingly tangled The Dying Gaul, Sarsgaard plays Robert, a struggling screenwriter circa 1995 who enters into a high-wire affair with a bisexual Hollywood executive (Campbell Scott, star of the Lucas-penned Longtime Companion 15 years ago).