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in a bewitching manner

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Here, I can still feel how your little dry hand enthrallingly tickles my neck--ah
When the dust finally settles on an enthrallingly epic Tyne-Wear derby, the result has to be put into some kind of context and Joe Kinnear will know this is two points dropped against a relegation rival.
With Sublimity likely to be strategically campaigned to maximise his chance of retaining his crown, a wonderful era of Irish hurdling, during which the top performers clashed regularly and enthrallingly, has nearly run its course.
In fact, as the reminiscences of their directors, such as John Pope-Hennessy, Thomas Hoving or Roy Strong, make so enthrallingly evident, great museums are all too often the setting for political strife and bitter infighting of the sort usually held to characterise Italian city states in the renaissance.
In writer-director Craig Lucas's enthrallingly tangled The Dying Gaul, Sarsgaard plays Robert, a struggling screenwriter circa 1995 who enters into a high-wire affair with a bisexual Hollywood executive (Campbell Scott, star of the Lucas-penned Longtime Companion 15 years ago).
In the end, a sort of "antithetical engagement" is discovered in the way Foucault imagines power, manifest in what explicitly or implicitly his work does not deal with, and expressed most enthrallingly in the discord between "Foucault's archaeologies and social change itself".
I have seen him helpless with laughter on Hobart Smith's front porch in Virginia; watched him brush tears from his eyes in Como, Northern Mississippi, as we recorded in wonder the black tenant farmer brothers Lonnie and Ed Young dancing a survival of a primitive African serpent ritual; shared his exhilaration at the enthrallingly vigorous and strident singing of the Sacred Harp Convention in Alabama; and for once seen him lost for words after our first recording of Mississippi Fred McDowell, who'd come to play one evening after he'd finished picking his cotton crop.
The rags-to-riches-to-rags tale of the North American Soccer League, enthrallingly told through
The rise and fall of the biggest money-making star in boxing is enthrallingly documented in a new, exclusive video.
These are enthrallingly raised (for this economically-illiterate reader) in John Bidwell's chapter on printers' supplies and capitalization, on the rapid development of paper mills, on "prize papers," and on the role of paper in the Revolutionary War.
This enthrallingly entertaining story of the often-disputatious relationship between (William S.
New century, new edition, it is all enthrallingly rich in promise.