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Synonyms for enthralled

filled with wonder and delight

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RAWALPINDI -- International fame singer Anwar Rafi enthralled the jam-packed audience at a launching ceremony of video songs by Rida Jaffery and Wali Jaffery.
PESHAWAR -- American guitarist Timothy Todd Shea and Pashto singer and rabab maestro Shahid Malang along with the winners of the National Youth Carnival singing competitions enthralled the audience at the Musical Night concert here at Nishtar Hall on the eve of the New Year on Sunday.
The first part was composed of the annual events whereas the later part was a poetry evening that enthralled the audience.
RAWALPINDI -- Punjab Council of the Arts has arranged Punjab musical night at Lok Virsa Shakarparian in which folk singers from all over Punjab enthralled audience with wonderful performances.
Hundreds of spectators were enthralled by the patriotic and romantic songs.
RATS that climb ropes, impressive feathered friends and lots of creepy crawlies enthralled youngsters at a Stockton primary school.
Maggie said: "They were enthralled by the dog and it's great we raised so much.
He added: "As a young journalist in Britain, I watched CNN's astonishing live coverage of the 1991 Gulf War, and felt enthralled by the courage and brilliance of the journalists involved in that coverage.
Kids were enthralled by Nelson Mandela's fight for freedom which put him behind bars for 27 years.
During WWI, she lived in Toronto and did some nursing work caring for wounded soldiers, who enthralled her with tales of their flying exploits.
Lake Worker: the People of Windsor were enthralled with bill bissett / they said "he will save our lake" / and it's there now // and the genii of rang swam in the summer's eye
As the main character, David struggles with the truths of his destiny, readers will be enthralled with the active and uniting cast of My Son David.
Al Carder spent sixty years as a plant biologist but never forgot the ancient Douglas fir forests which enthralled him as a child: when he retired he set out to find the trees, only to discover many had been felled by loggers or storms.
Amanda Kerridge has the weakest voice of the three, but plenty of charm and sex appeal, giving an audience member a real treat with ``Santa Baby'' (the gentleman looked positively enthralled at Tuesday's show when she perched on his lap).
Half of the Hilton sisters were enthralled during the jam/action packed opening for Templeton's "The Prevailing Nothing.