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  • verb

Synonyms for enthrall

to act upon with or as if with magic

to compel, as the attention, interest, or imagination, of

to make subservient or subordinate

Synonyms for enthrall

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The authors know how to write respectfully, but still zestfully, about events that will enthrall YAs and still make old-timers shake their heads.
It is pure action with enough science and social commentary to enthrall any reader.
Belgian dancer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and her company, Rosas, who arrive in Tel Aviv in January, sent shock waves through the contemporary European dance scene with De Keersmaeker's first work, Rosas Danst Rosas (1985); since then, they have continued to enthrall audiences.
We created this exhibit to enthrall people with what a child can do when they put art tools to paper and to recognize children for their artistic achievements," said Ron DeLong, Crayola Manager of Art Education.
Maybe Smith's higher calling will enthrall younger readers; I got caught up more with the clogged pipes at the hotel and their solution to that problem.