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(thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity equal to the internal energy of a system plus the product of its volume and pressure

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Enthalpies of vaporization of organic and organometallic compounds 1880-2002.
h], and the enthalpies at state 1h and 4h are used to calculate the mass flow rate through the high temperature compressor, [m.
Figure 4 collects the values of the enthalpies measured in isothermal curing conditions at 100[degrees]C during 5 min for the selected PIs at different concentrations.
Reaction] using literature values for standard state enthalpies of formation at 298 K and temperature polynomials for pure-component specific heats (Hougen et al.
K3], but characteristic points of system depends on temperature values, tensions ad appropriate enthalpies of working mediums on system.
obtaining relaxation data on additional heating rates so the activation enthalpies (fitting constants) can be obtained.
Properties of a system, such as phase boundaries and enthalpies are described with one set of functions resulting in a consistent description of phase properties.
It allows for the measurement of glass-transition temperature, heat capacity, purity, transition enthalpies, and reaction kinetics.
Reaction enthalpies and cure onset temperatures were determined from DSC data and compared with catalyst-free BODA polymerization.
The temperatures and enthalpies are reported as average values with standard deviations.
A number of ASHRAE Standards describing methods of test for determining the performance of components or systems that involve a liquid stream are moving to include pressures along with temperatures when computing the liquid stream enthalpies and heat transfer rates.
The total enthalpy of oil shale is estimated as the sum of reaction enthalpies of the components and the sensible heat.
The local distribution of the saturated air enthalpies at the interface between the air and water on the fins is handled through the use of an overall heat and mass transfer fin efficiency.
Fourteen other tables have been updated, and a new table on specific enthalpies of solution of polymers and copolymers has been added.