entertainment industry

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those involved in providing entertainment: radio and television and films and theater

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The entertainment industry is still very strong here in Los Angeles,'' said Bud Ovrom, now the L.
Casting will become a must-read for entertainment industry leaders, people involved in studio and independent films, video and stage productions, the cable industry, soap operas, commercials, and anyone else with an interest in the most exciting industry in the world.
The business tax reform sent the message to the entertainment industry that we will fight for you.
Century City Chamber of Commerce Entertainment Industry Council Chairman Greg Bernstein comments, "Century City is filled with top notch industry figures.
Greuel, a former entertainment industry executive, said the lost money would be covered by a $12.
Garde has more than 25 years of management and production experience in the entertainment industry working with artists, CEOs, management companies, record labels, promoters, entertainment media and affiliated entities in promoting artists and solving problems facing their organizations.
Repealing the law, however, carries with it the threat of a giant financial hit to manufacturing giants, high-tech firms and the entertainment industry.
Lawmakers involved in the caucuses, however, note that the theft of movies and music costs the entertainment industry more than $3 billion a year and the country $1 billion in annual tax revenue.
of Los Angeles County, said the repeal of the tax breaks comes as the entertainment industry is suffering from the effects of runaway production, and industry employment is down 900 jobs from last year.
The session, sponsored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, was moderated by Los Angeles Councilman Martin Ludlow, chairman of the city's new Convention, Tourism, Entertainment Industry and Business Enterprise Committee.
The tug of war between file sharers and the entertainment industry dates back to the creation of Napster in 1999.
WASHINGTON - Congress has failed to find a way to effectively stop the illegal downloading of copyrighted movies and music that rob the entertainment industry of $3.
The motion picture and entertainment industry is one of the most important economic sectors in Southern California, representing a $20 billion-a-year industry to Los Angeles County.
LAS VEGAS -- Global Gaming Expo (G2E) today unveiled the G2E Diversity Exhibitor Program, designed to increase business opportunities in the gaming entertainment industry for disadvantaged, minority and women-owned enterprises.
Entertainment industry leaders are flooding the City Council with letters of protest over a plan to involve neighborhood councils and other civic groups in developing a new policy governing filming in Los Angeles.
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