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television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater


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units, %) Table 2 Russian market volume of indoor amusement arcade and entertainment equipment as regards range segmentation, 2011.
It found that more than 55% of Welsh people did not think about energy efficiency when using entertainment equipment, and 67% thought modern entertainment equipment would automatically be more energy efficient than older kit.
Men reckoned they would spend over pounds 450 on entertainment equipment to watch the games, twice as much as women.
Men reckoned they would spend more than pounds 450 on entertainment equipment to watch the games, twice as much as women.
Instead of installing expensive in-flight entertainment equipment on its airplanes, the company announced Tuesday it had partnered with Santa Monica-based Movielink LLC so that passengers can download movies to their own laptop computers.
With more options now offered to consumers, worldwide home entertainment equipment sales are expected to soar over the next several years as products are becoming more affordable and easier to purchase close to home and over the Internet.
The Motion Picture Association of America is so set on retaining this system that it intends for government decrees to rope off home entertainment equipment from personal computers, consumer interests be damned.
Manufacturers are now empowered to build their devices around a single chip solution when they are looking to cost-effectively embed network or Internet connectivity into lighting control systems, alarm systems, home entertainment equipment, factory floor equipment and almost any other electronic device.
AMERICAN WALNUT takes a bow as the finish selected for the most modern of today's home entertainment equipment.
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