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Synonyms for entertaining

Synonyms for entertaining

providing pleasure or entertainment

Words related to entertaining

agreeably diverting

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THE title is intriguing in itself, and knowing Kneehigh theatre company, the show is also likely to be as entertainingly wacky.
Much like his previous novels, Koch's newer work provides an entertainingly skeptical view of the upper middle class.
It was just some old footage of him from his less butch, less famous days unearthed by the thoroughly entertaining and entertainingly thorough You Saw Them Here First.
While the rhyming text lacks a little in inspiration, the vibrantly coloured and variously dressed owls of wildly differing sizes and shapes are entertainingly depicted in exuberant pursuit of a range of different activities, encouraging young readers to explore details in each picture and to look out for the hidden numbers--thus aiding counting skills.
Slowly and entertainingly, more is revealed about the Japanese man and why he's suicidal and living in Bangkok.
Here, linguist Geoffrey Nunberg of the University of California-Berkeley briskly and entertainingly traces how a bit of World War II GI slang became an ubiquitous epithet and a moral category that's come to embody our polarized politics.
Dallas] is a rare example of an artistically - well, entertainingly, at least - successful TV classic update," Entertainment Weekly said.
Both are old friends of the family and spoke eloquently and, as ever, entertainingly.
Entertainingly written and free of the cloying self-pity of similar books, this may inspire others to seek out a radically different life.
Neil spoke entertainingly about his life in journalism and recalled some of the people he had met and stories he had covered.
He writes well and entertainingly, without censure but with an obvious pleasure which he transmits to his readers.
At least it hasn't affected their singing capacity - they are still as entertainingly good as ever.
WRITING entertainingly about football is a business with certain skills to it.
Lieberman's fact-filled, right-handed punches land solidly, entertainingly, time and again, but so pugilistic is the attack dog he forgets his alleged purpose: overcoming the education stalemate.
There's also a lovingly restored steam train service to take the family out into the countryside with special Easter, Halloween and Christmas steam trains bringing excitement for children; in June there are the steam and Jazz trains and July/August Portrush Flyer trains - heritage brought entertainingly to life.
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