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Synonyms for entertaining

Synonyms for entertaining

providing pleasure or entertainment

Words related to entertaining

agreeably diverting

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There is a definite phasing out of the strict guidelines of entertaining and for what is considered indoor and outdoor designs," said event planner and designer David Tutera, who recently collaborated on a stemware and barware collection with Circle Glass.
shiqui 2, Bhg Milkha Bhg, Chennai Express, Krrish 3, Ram Leela and Yeh Jwani Hai Deewani compete for BIG Star Most Entertaining Film of the year.
When Kevin Keegan came back to the club he brought a lot of entertaining football and the fans thoroughly enjoyed what they were seeing.
A company will only achieve a tax allowable deduction for entertaining expenses if they relate to the entertaining of staff (although the staff could face personal tax liabilities).
Stone Arch Books features an outstanding series of graphic novel adaptations for classic stories that have entertaining young readers for generations.
Gonzalez, co-author with Carolina Buia of ``Latin Chic: Entertaining With Style and Sass,'' (Rayo, HarperCollins Publishers; $34.
Formal entertaining was reserved for "milestone" occasions, such as anniversaries and holidays, while casual entertaining regarded events like birthdays.
To Cate, John Edwards is a fun and entertaining father who is not afraid to cut up or cut a rug.
This is a little jewel of a book, with images both dainty and coarse, and a thoroughly entertaining read.
Quite entertaining are the many encounters between Scott and Thacker's friends and family and between him and her press entourage.
FUENTE: Cigars can be extremely valuable in business entertaining.
When it comes to entertaining at home, we could all do with a little help to avoid those many pitfalls and hazards just waiting to turn pleasant dinner-parties and get-togethers into total disasters.
We have the largest mountain-top home in Rockland County; a French Normandy wooded estate in Far Hills, adjacent to royalty; an outstanding home site for a palatial residence; and a Tudor City penthouse ideal for in-town entertaining.
What I saw in Perspective Canada was either entertaining or informative--not a bad thing in itself--but, it's obvious that another important outlet for experimental film has dried up.