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pleasantly occupied

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She saw them dramatically, and really seemed herself to live a larger life because she entertained them and visited them in their fastnesses.
This brother he made no doubt would succeed; for he discerned, as he thought, an inclination to marriage in the lady; and the reader perhaps, when he hears the brother's qualifications, will not blame the confidence which he entertained of his success.
Madame," replied Villefort "I can truly say that I have always entertained a high respect for my father, because, to the natural feeling of relationship was added the consciousness of his moral superiority.
Vernon, which had reached me, in common with the world in general, and gained my entire belief before I saw you, but which you, by the exertion of your perverted abilities, had made me resolved to disallow, have been unanswerably proved to me; nay more, I am assured that a connection, of which I had never before entertained a thought, has for some time existed, and still continues to exist, between you and the man whose family you robbed of its peace in return for the hospitality with which you were received into it; that you have corresponded with him ever since your leaving Langford; not with his wife, but with him, and that he now visits you every day.
3 : to perform for or provide amusement for <Comedians entertained the crowd.
well the Newcastle fans weren't entertained by Sam's tactics and negative play.
Illustrated throughout with period photography, readers will learn how log cabins were sited and built; the kinds of music that entertained, inspired, celebrated and consoled; the art and craft of making moonshine whiskey; how log cabin kids entertained themselves; cooking; the beauty secrets and practices of log cabin women; even accounts of log cabin hauntings and legends.
WOODLAND HILLS - Pianist and composer Dick Russom was a ``musician's musician,'' who entertained the troops during World War II, performed at clubs around Southern California and gave private lessons to generations of students.
It could be getting together for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres before going out to be entertained somewhere else.
People come to Metacafe to be entertained, not to watch people's home movies.
It's not easy keeping the pre-3-year-old set entertained, as this video proves.
The Deaflympics EXPO, managed by Sorenson Communications, will create an extraordinary opportunity for members of the global deaf community to network, participate in the creation of artistic works, explore products and services from exhibitors, and be entertained and enlightened by a variety of deaf performers, visual artists, and speakers.