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someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it

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Enterprisers represent a mediated market in which the company is an arbitrator between the individual and the buyer.
Smart TV provides a market opportunity that various enterprisers participate, who are not inherent financial sources of existing broadcasting enterpriser 25.
46) In that context, the interviewees remained either economic operators or enterprisers, but their customers, being consumers, were neither.
Prosecutor r Kate Wilkini -son said: "ThisT isacase about the money-making enterpriser or conspiracr y c these defendants had toget a drug called khat from r the UK to the USA, for it to be sold there or n the blackc marker t.
More than 50 special vehicles have been dispatched to assist road repair teams by the territorial road repairs enterpriser Priavtodor.
Previous Calls for a Government Use Test: Enterpriser vs.
El trabajo clasico sobre el espiritu empresarial militar de Fritz Redlich, German Military Enterpriser and his Work Force, nos proporciona un ejemplo valioso del problema historiografico y de lo que podriamos llamar <<el pensamiento clasico>>.
Since May 1, he has led the day-to-day running of the airport He said "I am proud to be taking on the responsibility of running such an innovative and successful enterpriser Mr Al Harnmacli was chairman of the organising committee of the Abu Dhabi Air Expo, which attracted 105 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors in March.
Engineered to be simple and quick to install, the GSAdelivers a Google-like experience to the enterpriser.
By the time he arrived aboard Enterpriser his skill had greatly improved.
He groups what he calls 'wealth creators' into four classes: the expert, such as vacuum cleaner specialist Sir James Dyson, who is focused on a very niche area; the corporate, who makes things happen by harnessing the power of an organisation and its people, such as Dragons' Den's James Caan; the enterpriser, who sees market opportunities to exploit, like Simon Woodroffe who brought the Yo
One of first steps was detection of typical European enterpriser and selecting of key requests of these unites for manufacturing information system.
2) Because some consumer surplus usually exists, of course, what consumers pay an enterpriser is generally less than the whole value they place on it, so the whole value created is greater than the enterpriser's profit, but I don't always take time to make this distinction.
PV Enterpriser on Thursday also said that it will carry out the first delivery for a 33 kW system to its new Spanish partner Glocaliza Solares Soluciones.
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