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Synonyms for enterpriser

someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it

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Enterpriser Troopers encourages teams of primary school children to join together to run their own enterprises and sell merchandise and services they have created and developed themselves in schools and local communities.
At Edimax we understand the various pain points our customers face, be it, hospitality, education, enterpriser or corporate sector.
The project is designed to help in the capacity-building of enterpriser owners.
The reader must understand that McFate is really describing a spectrum from pure individual mercenary to major corporate enterpriser.
The Axact Company was also busy in campaigning of launching the country's largest media enterpriser "TV Channel BOL", when "Newsweek" broke out its story against the company.
We do not disagree that the corporate sector must grow and enterpriser must flourish to create jobs and national wealth.
Even known free enterpriser Gary Becker of the University of Chicago had to admit that under certain conditions, corporate altruism may actually be good for business.
Laurie Bissonette, FCPA, FCA, is a Partner with KPMG Enterpriser.
Accordingly, regulations and audits to a differentiate market-dominating enterpriser, who can control fair trade in market, will be important, and regulation to achieve objective and strict evaluation of market competition should be developed from deliberation of sophisticated methodology about related market expansion.
The first, on trade, contains five short chapters: "The Multinational Enterpriser," "The Smuggler," "British Petroleum," "Nuclear Energy," and "The Corporate Raider.
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