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Synonyms for enterprise

Synonyms for enterprise

something undertaken, especially something requiring extensive planning and work

an exciting, often hazardous undertaking

an aggressive readiness along with energy to undertake taxing efforts

Synonyms for enterprise

a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness)

readiness to embark on bold new ventures

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In addition, Rally's new enterprise features deliver multi-team project planning, tracking and resource management for more in-depth project visibility.
David Freund at Illuminata notes that there is a cascading down of enterprise features into midrange subsystems.
Enterprise features include Large File Support (LFS), which provides support for file sizes of 4 terabytes necessary for businesses that routinely transmit or back up large files.
1, which has several new enterprise features for Active Vulnerability Management, including full Microsoft Vista support and integrated application control for detection and removal of spyware, malware, and NonBizWare.
For example, low cost can make IDE drives attractive, but their lack of enterprise features such as hot plug makes them the least favorable.
Professional ASP Version - Hosted by Pragmatic Software, the Professional edition has all of the features of the Standard ASP Version, and additionally provides Microsoft Project[R] style advanced project management, configurable dashboards, Microsoft Outlook[R] Synchronization and other Enterprise features.
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