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any of a group of picornaviruses that infect the gastrointestinal tract and can spread to other areas (especially the nervous system)

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Circulation of two enterovirus C105 (EV-C105) lineages in Europe and Africa.
A: Enterovirus D68, also known as EV-D68, was identified by scientists in 1962 and is one of more than a hundred non-polio enteroviruses.
Deshpande, Enterovirus Research Centre, Haffkine Institute Compound, AD Marg, Parel, Mumbai 400012, India; email: deshpandejm@gmail.
Enterovirus/rhinovirus sequences were enriched by using a NimbleGen custom sequence capture reagent (Roche/NimbleGen, Madison, WI, USA), which as of February 2014 was selective for all complete enterovirus and rhinovirus genomes in GenBank.
The most recent Enterovirus Surveillance Report1 estimates approximately 11 to 15 million symptomatic enteroviral infections each year, "said Ronald Lollar, Senior Director of Product Management at Diagnostic HYBRIDS.
Reducing the Transmission of Infections such as Enterovirus
Complete genome sequence of a novel human enterovirus C (HEV-C117) identified in a child with community-acquired pneumonia.
As part of the national surveillance, 1,249 EV strains were analyzed by 6 laboratories in the EV network (including the 2 National Enterovirus Reference Center laboratories in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand).
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified the likely cause of these illnesses as the rarely reported Enterovirus D68.
Madeline Reid died Friday from enterovirus D68, according to Children's Hospital of Michigan.
Enterviruses are very common viruses, and US health officials estimate there are 10 million to 15 million enterovirus infections nationwide each year.
In the past decade, newly identified strains of enterovirus have been linked to polio-like outbreaks among children in Asia and Australia.
Enterovirusler picornavirus ailesinden olup; Coxsackievirus A ve B, Echovirus ve daha yeni numaralandirilmis enterovirus 68-71 ve poliovirusleri icerir.
Keywords: Enterovirus 71 Punicalagin Punica granatum Antiviral Mouse model