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surgical operation that creates a permanent opening through the abdominal wall into the intestine

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The final step is closure of the remaining enterotomy.
An enterotomy was performed at the anastomosed site and the internal circumference was measured with the help of string which was compared with a scale to take the measurements in centimeter (cm) and then the diameter was calculated.
use of mesh and the possibility of inadvertent enterotomy.
18] treatment of type I gallbladder perforation is early cholecystectomy; in type II GB perforations managements include drainage of the abscess and cholecystectomy which can be performed at the same time or may be staged depending on the size of the collection and specific patient circumstances and in type III enterotomy is to be done after milking the stone retrogradely.
Local anesthesia was given using the inverted "L" technique, with lidocaine 2% (Xilestesin, Cristalia), in which the middle third of the jejunum was exposed through left paracostal fossa, in standing position, and submitted to enterotomy followed by intestinal wall compression, upon latex balloon implantation on the lumen (FALEIROS et al.
Enterotomy was performed at the anti-mesentric border and obstructing mass was taken out.
The mass was exteriorized through an enterotomy, (Fig.
Among the complications noted--which occurred at comparable rates between groups--were cystotomy, enterotomy, need for transfusion, deep-vein thrombosis, ileus, small bowel obstruction, wound infection, ventral hernia, mesh erosion, and recurrent prolapse.
The risk of inadvertent enterotomy during laparotomy in the presence of adhesions was estimated at 25%, and associated with significantly higher risk of serious postoperative complications requiring intensive care (van der Krabben et al 2000).
Animals in which perforation or necrosis has occurred are less likely to have favorable recovery than those experiencing the uncomplicated enterotomy or unassisted passage of the foreign body through the GI system.
Hoffman recently had to do a difficult enterotomy, his first, and he asked a general surgeon to help.
In vivo assessment of an absorbable and nonabsorbable knotless barbed suture for laparoscopic single-layer enterotomy closure: a clinical and biomechanical comparison against nonbarbed suture.
Patients should be informed about recurrence rates, placement of a mesh, its potential complications and the risks and potential change in operative management in the event of an inadvertent enterotomy.