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Synonyms for enterostomy

surgical operation that creates a permanent opening through the abdominal wall into the intestine

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But late-stage motility disorders in scleroderma patients are myopathic in nature and may require enterostomy.
A variety of methods for establishing a tube feeding enterostomy exist.
A permanent enterostomy is a surgically created mucosal-lined stoma that will not close when the feeding tube is removed.
The enteral feeding tubes market covers nasoenteric feeding tubes, oroenteric feeding tubes, and enterostomy tubes.
The global enteral feeding devices market is segmented into the following categories: Enteral Feeding Devices Market, by Product Types Enteral Feeding Tubes Nasoenteric Tubes Naso-gastric Naso-duodenal Naso-jejunal Oroenteric Tubes Oro-gastric Oro-duodenal Oro-jejunal Enterostomy Tubes Low Profile Gastrostomy Enteral Feeding Pumps Administration Reservoir Giving Sets Enteral Syringes