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In 1976 Wilkins and Odom classified enterogenous cysts into three types: type 1 has a single pseudostratified cuboidal or columnar epithelium with or without cilia, lying on a basement membrane; type 2 is similar to type 1 with the addition of mucous glands, serous glands, smooth muscle, fat, cartilage, bone, elastic fibres, lymphoid tissue or nerve ganglion; and type 3 is similar to type 2 with the addition of ependymal or glial tissue.
Chavda SV, Davies AM, Cassar-Pullicino VN: Enterogenous cyst of the central nervous system: A report of eight casesClin Radiol 1985, 36: 245-251.
Enterogenous cyst usually becomes symptomatic early in life and they should always be included in the differential diagnoses when evaluating abdominal conditions in paediatric age group.
Keywords: Enterogenous cyst, Neurenteric cyst, Spinal cord.
In adults the masses in decreasing order of frequency are thymomas and thymic cysts, neurogenic tumours, germ cell tumours, lymphomas, enterogenous cysts, pleuropericardial cysts.
Diagnosis and treatment of mediastinal enterogenous cysts in children.