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Erwinia amylovora is a Gram-negative enterobacterium bacterium that causes fireblight disease on Rosaceae family plants including apple (Malus spp.
Enterobacterium was determined using desoxycholate citrate agar lactose (DCL) while Salmonella-Schigella agar was used for Salmonella.
The recognition of the first case of carbapemenase in a patient colonized by a carbapemenase producing enterobacterium occurred in September 2009, and dissemination, culminating with an outbreak in the adult ICU, occurred in January 2010.
Duodeno-jejunal flora comprises aero-anaerobic species (streptococci), ileal flora is predominantly anaerobic (bacteroids) and colonic and fecal flora comprises anaerobes (bacteroids, enterobacterium, peptostreptococci, clostridia, etc.
Likely alternatives for its acquisition are 1) intestinal selection or acquisition of a resistant enterobacterium and in vivo transference to a freshly acquired Shigella or 2) direct acquisition of the resistant strain from contaminated water (not sustained, as no other resistant Shigella was obtained from the same community in the following year).