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Synonyms for enteral

of or relating to the enteron


of or relating to or inside the intestines

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50 patients who received total parenteral nutrition (male/female: 23/27) and 54 patients who were fed enterally (male/female: 20/34) were included in this study.
Current management dictates correcting the missing electrolytes by administering them enterally or parenterally.
Aspiration assessment and prevention in critically ill enterally fed patients: Evidence-based recommendations for practice.
The liver, via the portal vein, is the first organ exposed to enterally absorbed nutrients and other xenobiotics.
There is very little published evidence for nutrition intervention and clinical outcomes for long-term enterally fed ABI cases.
DOD policy is to always preserve the lives of the detainees, and, as a result, 43 hunger strikers were enterally fed, using U.
Because it is water soluble, iodinated contrast administered enterally generally poses less postprocedure complications than barium sulfate.
Limited bioavailability of enterally administered harpagoside (Chrubasik, 2000) was found in a pilot investigation in a pig.
The researchers are using this approach to determine whether specific nutrients can be fed enterally to maximally stimulate intestinal growth and development.
The triple-lumen Moss[TM] G-Tube provides 12 to 14 times more effective decompression, while simultaneously feeding enterally.
demonstrated that diarrhoea in enterally fed patients was attributed to the feeding formula in only 21% of cases [17].
For chronic cofactor therapies, supplementation is more easily absorbed and probably safer if given enterally rather than by TPN.
Medical foods, which were designated by a 1988 amendment to the Orphan Drug Act of 1983, are defined as "any food which is formulated to be consumed or administered enterally (i.
Hypoalbuminemia-induced diarrhea in the enterally alimented patient.
Parenteral nutrition is intravenous administration of nutrition, which may include protein, carbohydrates, lipids (fats), minerals and electrolytes, vitamins and other trace elements for patients who cannot ingest food orally or enterally (tube-fed).