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Outcomes associated with enteral tube feedings in a medical intensive care unit.
Oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding, and parenteral nutrition.
Cooperation in the care for patients with home enteral tube feeding throughout the care trajectory: Nurses' perspectives.
Spain DA, McClave SA, Sexton LK, et al: Infusion protocol improves delivery of enteral tube feeding in the critical care unit.
Unfortunately, there is no standard definition for enteral tube feeding intolerance.
Tenders are invited for "Supply of baby food and nutritious food for enteral tube feeding and for the needs of University Hospital" St.
Ozuna J, Friel P: Effect of enteral tube feeding on serum phenytoin levels.
Patients who benefit from enteral tube feeding include post-stroke and head and neck trauma victims, and those with cancer, gastrointestinal and esophageal disorders.
Flocare transition giving sets are a medical device used as part of an enteral tube feeding system, which delivers nutritionally complete feed (containing protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, minerals and vitamins) directly into the patient's stomach or small intestine.
New enteral tube feeding connectors are now available.
Factors associated with nosocomial diarrhea in patients with enteral tube feeding.
The provision of an Enteral Tube Feeding service to Acute and Community Patients including Enteral Feeds, Pumps, Consumables, Ancilliary Products, Staff and Patient Training, Home location delivery service for community patients and Oral nutritional supplements for Acute and tube fed patients requiring Oral nutritional services in the community.
An expansion on initial enteral tube feeding verification methods is provided.
This contract will include the provision of enteral tube feeding supplies to homecare patients with a Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham GP.
Clinical use of gastric residual volumes as a monitor for patients on enteral tube feeding.