entente cordiale

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Synonyms for entente cordiale

Synonyms for entente cordiale

an informal alliance between countries

a friendly understanding between political powers


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While in Toulouse, Her Majesty then unveiled a new Virgin Atlantic Airways A340-600 aircraft named, 'Queen of the Skies' in celebration of the Entente Cordiale.
The London placement certainly fitted with the Entente Cordiale before 1914 but was at odds with the monument's historical narrative and context.
This week's Cult Classic, The Likely Lads: Entente Cordiale (PG, retail), sees Bob back in his best form.
Coun Tim Sawdon dented the entente cordiale last week when he said: "It might be argued that having 26 or 27 twin cities (there is some doubt as to whether Caen in France actually is one) is a bit over the top.
Contract award: aoo-12-399-lbgf - supply and installation of furniture for the cultural center of the entente cordiale at chateau d~hardelot condette - 3 lots.
David Cameron's Entente Cordiale with Nicolas Sarkozy has crumbled into bitter recriminations in the face of the eurozone crisis.
En Kelly Smith ENGLAND v France 1925 kisses off in an entente cordiale from captains Carmen Pomies (left) and Lancashire lass Florrie Redmond.
Perhaps Mr Cameron is looking to test our new entente cordiale with the French and ask them to supply the necessary air power.
THE entente cordiale was under new strain after support from across the Channel for the two French-trained Classic winners left punters feeling short-changed by smaller than expected Tote win dividends.
B ritish fashion is enjoying an entente cordiale with French style this spring, borrowing a few of the classic elements from our neighbours across La Manche.
After the game, what ever the outcome, what better way to celebrate the entente cordiale than have a delicious meal of Welsh lamb or beef washed down with French morgon.
Across the Channel a collection of little states had merged into Imperial Germany, and we were about to bury the hatchet once and for all with the French with the signing of the Entente Cordiale.
During the recent French market in Redcar High Street, Norman donned a beret bought in Lourdes and, in a spirit of entente cordiale, played a selection of Gallic tunes.
In a reference to the 104-year-old Entente Cordiale between the two nations, he insisted it was time for the two nations to move from "being cordial to being friendly", with new co-operation over illegal immigration and defence.
Controversy gave way to entente cordiale as qualifying ahead of tomorrow's Turkish Grand Prix passed with barely a murmur of discontent.