entente cordiale

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Synonyms for entente cordiale

Synonyms for entente cordiale

an informal alliance between countries

a friendly understanding between political powers


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I did my bit for the entente cordiale by ordering as a starter Moules e la CrAme (pounds 5.
So for those European producers who claim that their standards match ours here we have an absolutely marvellous opportunity for some true European collaboration and entente cordiale.
The event was part of a British state visit to France to celebrate the centenary of the Entente Cordiale.
Germany responded to the entente cordiale of the previous year by expressing its displeasure at the assignment of Morocco to France.
an et l'armee, c'est loin d'etre une histoire d'amour, mais tout au plus une entente cordiale que le chef de l'Etat a travaillee dernierement apres des annees de conflit ouvert.
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: 2016 will not just be a chance for reflection but an opportunity to turn our entente cordiale into an entente profonde.
En Kelly Smith ENGLAND v France 1925 kisses off in an entente cordiale from captains Carmen Pomies (left) and Lancashire lass Florrie Redmond.
Perhaps Mr Cameron is looking to test our new entente cordiale with the French and ask them to supply the necessary air power.
One of two first crop Group 1 winners by Acclamation following the Middle Park Stakes hero Dark Angel, Equiano is out of Entente Cordiale, a daughter of stamina influence Ela-Mana-Mou.
B ritish fashion is enjoying an entente cordiale with French style this spring, borrowing a few of the classic elements from our neighbours across La Manche.
After the game, what ever the outcome, what better way to celebrate the entente cordiale than have a delicious meal of Welsh lamb or beef washed down with French morgon.
Across the Channel a collection of little states had merged into Imperial Germany, and we were about to bury the hatchet once and for all with the French with the signing of the Entente Cordiale.
During the recent French market in Redcar High Street, Norman donned a beret bought in Lourdes and, in a spirit of entente cordiale, played a selection of Gallic tunes.
In a reference to the 104-year-old Entente Cordiale between the two nations, he insisted it was time for the two nations to move from "being cordial to being friendly", with new co-operation over illegal immigration and defence.
Controversy gave way to entente cordiale as qualifying ahead of tomorrow's Turkish Grand Prix passed with barely a murmur of discontent.