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Synonyms for entente

Synonyms for entente

an informal alliance between countries

a friendly understanding between political powers

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Indeed, the intention of the three democratic powers is to create an entente cordiale without transforming it into a formal military alliance, which they recognize would be counterproductive.
As a result, Egypt is advising the Saudi leadership to end its entente with Syrian, or at least to suspend it until Damascus falls back in line with the understanding on which Riyadh has based its regional policy.
Bulgaria was the first to sign an armistice with the Entente, quickly followed by the Ottoman empire and Austro-Hungary, with Germany doing so on November 11 1918.
Let's just be thankful for the dawn of the entente nucleaire, and for the added bonus that it was sealed by a chanteuse of rare delectability - and I'm not talking about Gordon Brown.
Gilles Gauthier est alle dans le meme sens en soulignant que << cette entente favorisera sans aucun doute le developpement des echanges scientifiques entre nos deux institutions.
This Entente Florale Gold Medal recognises the highest possible standards of horticulture and the quality of the environment in our city and reflects great credit on the people of Cardiff and all those who helped the campaign.
It is fitting that the Entente Cordiale centenary should include an event that highlights the military aspect to our relationship," he said.
Bernard Lyon 1, France; ([dagger]) Centre Hospitalier, Charleville-Mezieres, France; ([double dagger]) Entente Interdepartementale de Lutte contre la Rage, Malzeville, France; ([section]) AFSSA Nancy, Domaine de Pixerecourt, Malzeville, France; # Institut Pasteur, Paris, France; and ** Ecole nationale veterinaire de Lyon, Marcy l'Etoile, France
The FBI devised an entente with the Winter Hill syndicate: "In return for information on the mob, Boston agents looked the other way as the Winter Hill Gang sold drugs, stole and murdered, even tipping it off when state police or federal drug agents were on its trail.
After experiencing the tragedy of war, Verdun has become a town of peace,' said Jean Laurain, a former French Minister and President of the French-German Entente Foundation.
Marie, a announce La conclusion d'une entente de partenariat strategique avec Phillipstown Engineering, situe Dunleer dans le comte de Louth en Irlande.
An entente with the University of Montreal permits the college to enrol students who wish to prepare for ministry under the college's aegis in a francophone environment.
There is no time to be lost because Entente UK will be responsible for making sure that 60,000 support workers are ready for the start of the Games FOUR YEARS from now.
George IV and boxer Dan Donnelly, Louis Napoleon and Hippolyte Triat, Kaiser Wilhelm and Eugen Sandow and Theodore Roosevelt and various boxers are probably the most notable examples of this political-physical entente.
Pierre-Louis Lapointe, Les Quebecois de la bonne entente - Un siecle de relations ethniques et religieuses dans la region de Buckingham 1850-1950, Sillery, Septentrion, 1998, 358 p.